San Angelo Lawsuit Loans

Pre-settlement funding can provide immense value. It enables a plaintiff to receive hundreds or thousands of dollars while he or she pursues their legal case. A plaintiff is not required to repay their funding unless he or she wins or settles their case, too.

Tribeca delivers a wide range of lawsuit loan options to residents of San Angelo and other Texas cities and towns. Our legal funding specialists can provide comprehensive insights into all aspects of pre-settlement funding. We can help you determine if now is a good time to pursue a lawsuit loan.

What Makes a Lawsuit Loan Different from Other Funding Options?

A lawsuit loan is considered a cash advance. The loan is non-recourse, which puts 100% of the financial risk associated with it on the lender.

Comparatively, a bank or credit union can provide a personal loan or other funding options to those in the middle of a legal case. Bank and credit union funding divides the risk. On the one hand, the lender has no guarantee that the loan recipient will repay their loan. At the same time, the lender charges a high interest rate and incorporates myriad terms and conditions into each loan agreement. Thus, a bank or credit union can use these terms and conditions to limit the risk that it will be on the hook for the funding amount if a loan recipient cannot repay it.

We offer lawsuit loans that are stress- and worry-free. Unlike banks and credit unions, there are few terms and conditions associated with our loans. Our only requirement: you must have a lawyer to get a lawsuit loan.

Why Do I Need to Hire an Attorney to Get Lawsuit Funding?

San Angelo lawsuit funding can be complex. To simplify our funding, we require you to have your lawyer work with us throughout the San Angelo lawsuit loan process.

Your attorney can provide details to us about your legal case. Our legal funding specialists can contact your lawyer if we have concerns or questions. Also, after you win or settle your case, your attorney can handle loan repayment.

Of course, your attorney works diligently as you move forward with your case. Your lawyer can help you win or settle your case as soon as possible. He or she also does everything in their power to help you receive the maximum compensation from your case.

How Much Time Do I Need to Spend Filling Out a Lawsuit Loan Application?

You will not need to commit more than a few minutes to complete your lawsuit loan application. Here is how our application process works:

  1. Access our application on our website. You can retrieve our application on your smartphone, tablet, or computer 24/7.
  2. Provide us with relevant information. We request information about you and your legal case.
  3. Get approved. Our legal funding specialists can review and approve a lawsuit loan request within 24 hours.

Upon approval of your lawsuit loan application, we provide you with a contract to finalize your legal funding request. When we receive your signed contract, we send you your pre-settlement funding.

What Should I Do After I Receive My Lawsuit Loan in San Angelo?

You can cash your lawsuit loan check immediately. From here, you can use your lawsuit funding.

We place no restrictions on how you use your pre-settlement funding as well. Spend your San Angelo legal funding however you decide. But, it often helps to keep in mind that your funding may need to last you for as long as your legal case lasts.

How Much Time Do I Get to Repay My Lawsuit Loan?

There is no designated time frame to repay your lawsuit funding. We recognize every legal case is different. And the time it takes to resolve a case can range anywhere from a few weeks to several years. So, we ask you to repay your lawsuit funding after you win or settle your case.

If you lose your case, there is no need to panic. At this point, you are not held responsible for paying back your San Angelo pre-settlement funding. Thus, you can keep the money we previously provided to you.

Can I Apply for a Lawsuit Loan More than Once?

We offer lawsuit loans for various types of legal cases. Our team never says never to opportunities to provide plaintiffs with lawsuit funding more than once.

You can get a lawsuit loan from us, win or settle your case, pay us back, and pursue pre-settlement financing again at a later date. If you ever need legal funding in San Angelo, we are here to assist you in any way we can.

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Lawsuit funding is readily available. Our lawsuit loan specialists can help you obtain pre-settlement funding in San Angelo at your convenience. To learn more, call us today or fill out our application.

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