Tuscaloosa Lawsuit Loans

Patience is key for plaintiffs awaiting financial compensation during a Tuscaloosa legal case. The litigation process can take many months or years to complete. In the meantime, a plaintiff is solely responsible for their essential expenses and legal costs. 

Tribeca offers Tuscaloosa lawsuit loans to plaintiffs on the lookout for financial assistance. We offer legal funding that can help you ease your financial worries until your case is resolved. 

What Makes a Lawsuit Loan a Viable Option for Plaintiffs?

Tuscaloosa pre-settlement funding is unlike a traditional loan from a bank or credit union. Rather, it lets a plaintiff borrow against a future settlement. 

For example, a plaintiff may file a legal claim due to a personal injury caused by an at-fault party. The plaintiff’s claim may be legitimate, however, arguing the legal case can be a lengthy and arduous process. During this time frame, the plaintiff receives no financial assistance to cover any medical costs or other expenses. 

We provide legal funding to plaintiffs involved in personal injury lawsuits and other types of cases. Our legal funding allows a plaintiff to get the money he or she can use as the legal process moves forward. Thus, our funding can help a plaintiff avoid excessive debt and ensures a plaintiff is not forced to choose between paying their everyday expenses and pursuing their case. 

Is Tuscaloosa Legal Funding Available to Anyone at Any Time?

There are few laws regulating lawsuit loans in Tuscaloosa. If you experience an injury caused by no fault of your own, you can apply for legal funding in Tuscaloosa or any other Alabama city or town. 

We require you to hire a lawyer to receive pre-settlement funding in Tuscaloosa. There are two reasons why. First, an attorney can share details about your case with our legal funding specialists. This ensures we can carefully review your case and provide you with the best lawsuit loan. Second, your lawyer also works on your behalf. He or she does everything to help you maximize your legal case compensation. 

Our lawsuit loans are non-recourse. They are classified as cash advances. You do not need to repay your Tuscaloosa pre-settlement funding unless you win or settle your case.

What Is the Cost to Submit a Lawsuit Loan Application?

We do not charge any fees to submit a Tuscaloosa legal funding application. You are under no obligation to receive pre-settlement funding, even if you send an application to us. 

Our legal funding specialists take transparency to heart. We want you to feel good about your Tuscaloosa lawsuit loan. Therefore, we discuss all aspects of our lawsuit loans before you receive legal funding in Tuscaloosa. 

If you decide that our legal funding meets your expectations, you can fill out our online application at your leisure. The application process can usually be completed in minutes. We will let you know if you are approved for legal funding within 24 hours.

If I Am Approved for a Lawsuit Loan in Tuscaloosa, What Happens Next?

After your lawsuit loan request is approved, we share a legal funding quote with you. Our quote includes details about your loan amount and interest rate. 

If you accept our lawsuit loan quote, we ask you to sign a contract to finalize your legal funding request. Next, we receive your signed contract and send you a legal funding check. 

We strive to send your lawsuit loan check as soon as we can. You should expect to get your check in the mail within just a few days. 

How Long Will the Money from My Lawsuit Loan Last?

The length of time the money from your lawsuit loan varies. If you manage your funds appropriately, you should have no trouble making them last for an extended period of time. 

It can be helpful to make a budget for allocating your lawsuit loan. For instance, a plaintiff can review their rent, utilities, and other monthly expenses. He or she can then establish a monthly budget. From here, this individual can use their budget to manage their legal funding month to month.

Will I Be Charged a Repayment Fee for My Lawsuit Loan?

There is no repayment fee with our lawsuit loans. Our seamless loan repayment process ensures we do not have to charge late fees, too. 

Win or settle your case, and you will receive a check for your compensation. Your attorney can send us a check for your loan amount, and your loan is repaid. 

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