Provo Lawsuit Loans

Are you going through the steps of a challenging litigation process for a civil matter? Are you going to be awarded compensation for your damages if you win your case? If so, you could benefit from Provo lawsuit loans at Tribeca Lawsuit Loans.

Provo pre-settlement funding could be the answer that you need to help you get through these difficult times while you wait for your case to be resolved in court or with the insurance company. Tribeca Lawsuit Loans offers legal funding to individuals dealing with several claims. Find out whether we can approve your application when you apply now.

When to Apply for a Lawsuit Loan in Provo

Many people are often surprised to learn that they may qualify for Provo lawsuit loans. It is not surprising how many people are not aware of the fact that they could access the legal funding they need. There are many different instances in which you may be eligible for pre-settlement funding.

When you have been seriously injured, taken advantage of, or wronged by another, you may be seeking civil action against them. Here, if you are to be awarded compensation, you may also qualify for Provo lawsuit loans. Some of the more common types of civil cases we have provided legal funding for include:

  • Whistleblower complaints
  • Car accident lawsuits 
  • Bus accidents lawsuits
  • Truck accidents lawsuits
  • Pedestrian accident claims
  • Motorcycle accident claims
  • Bike accident cases
  • Work injury lawsuits
  • Factory accident claims
  • Construction accident claims
  • FELA railroad lawsuits
  • Employment law violations
  • Labor law claims
  • Wrongful death
  • Sexual abuse
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Medical malpractice
  • Other types of malpractice

These are just a couple of examples of the different types of civil cases that we have been able to issue Provo lawsuit loans for at Tribeca. If you are interested in learning more about whether we can approve your loan application, contact our office or apply today.

Provo Legal Funding Requirements

There is only one major requirement that you will need to meet in order to get your claim approved. You need to be represented by an attorney. Once we know that you have a lawyer on your sign, we will need to take the following steps before we can approve your claim:

  • Your attorney‘s contact information
  • How long it is expected to take to resolve your lawsuit
  • How much you are expected to be awarded

We do not review your credit score before determining whether to approve your pre-settlement funding application. Your credit score is not relevant to your ability to repay your Provo lawsuit loans. But what does matter is whether your attorney is likely to win in court. If, after reviewing the details of your application, we believe that you have a strong case, we can approve your application and send the money to your bank in as few as twenty-four hours.

What to Expect Once Your Provo Lawsuit Loans

Once you have received your Provo lawsuit loan money, you will be able to spend it however you need to. There are many different expenses that people in your situation have reported. Some of the most common expenses people use their legal funding in Provo for include:

  • Utility bills
  • Phone bills
  • Internet
  • Credit card bills
  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Groceries and household items
  • Insurance premiums
  • Medical bills
  • Gas
  • Other daily living expenses

Many people are hesitant to apply for pre-settlement funding because they believe that there are limitations on what you can spend your money on. But your lawsuit loan money is yours. What you do with it is up to you.

Once your civil claim or insurance settlement has been paid out, you will be expected to repay your lawsuit loan in Provo. We will have already agreed to a specific specified set of terms prior to approval. The good news is, if you do not win your lawsuit or insurance claim, we will not seek to recover the lawsuit loan money provided to you. You do not have to worry about Tribeca attempting to garnish your wages or pursue collection efforts against you. The only time that you will be expected to repay your legal funding is if your attorney wins your case.

Get Pre-Settlement Funding in Provo with Tribeca

You do not have to wait much longer to access the legal funding you need to get through these difficult times. Apply today for a Provo lawsuit loan with Tribeca Lawsuit Loans and get approval in as little as twenty-four hours.

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