West Jordan Lawsuit Loans

We cannot imagine the trauma and suffering you are going through if you are the victim of an accident. While we cannot medically treat you for your pain, here at Tribeca, we can alleviate your misery through lawsuit loans.

These lawsuit loans, or legal funding, serve as a cash advance before your accident lawsuit settles. How does this help you? This pre-settlement funding can pay for your medical bills, mortgage or rent payments, food and gas costs, and more that have piled up.

Can I Receive Legal Funding in West Jordan for My Lawsuit?

It is quite simple to qualify for West Jordan legal funding. First, you must actually have a pending lawsuit for Tribeca to provide you with a lawsuit loan. If you have filed a lawsuit, this legal action comes with the protection we need to be able to more accurately estimate the value of your case and the amount of time it will take to settle.

You must also be represented by an attorney to receive legal funding from Tribeca. Your attorney is who we communicate with and who legally protects you by your side in the courtroom. We know from our many years of experience that your chances of receiving the maximum value of your settlement increases when you are represented by an attorney.

West Jordan pre-settlement funding is available from Tribeca if you have a lawsuit in cases like:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Vehicle/ motorcycle/ bicycle/ pedestrian accidents
  • Personal injury claims
  • Medical malpractice cases
  • Labor law abuse
  • Sexual abuse

What If I Have Bad Credit?

You may be surprised, but your credit score in no way influences whether or not you get approved for a lawsuit loan in West Jordan. Pre-settlement funding is not like a traditional loan, whereas there is no check into your credit score, your income, or your employment history.

Instead, the main factor in securing legal funding is the estimated settlement you are expected to receive for your lawsuit. Here are other legal elements our West Jordan lawsuit loan professionals consider other than a credit score to formulate the value of your case:

  • The length of time your case is expected to take
  • The type of lawsuit you have filed
  • The verdicts of comparable cases in the past
  • The financial, physical, and emotional impact on you
  • The strength of evidence that favors your claim
  • The potential of any punitive damages

How Big of a Lawsuit Loan Can I Get?

Remember, the amount you are able to receive for your pre-settlement loan varies on all of the factors discussed above. Some lawsuits require a small cash advance to cover necessary costs; we have provided clients as little as $500, which was just enough for them to turn their lives around. Our underwriting team at Tribeca can provide up to $1 million in legal funding.

But, if you reach that maximum $1 million lawsuit loan cash advance amount, do not feel limited. This is the highest amount we can provide to you at one time. There is no limit to the amount of pre-settlement loans you can apply for.

If you need additional legal funding in the future because of the longer-than-expected duration of your case, you can apply more than once. This is common for many major lawsuit victims.

How Long do I Have to Repay Pre-Settlement Funding in West Jordan?

The pre-settlement fund repayment process is simple. Once your lawsuit filed in West Jordan has been resolved and settled in your favor, your attorney sends a check for the amount agreed upon in the application process to Tribeca Lawsuit Loans and you get to keep the rest of your well-deserved compensation.

The process does not involve any deceiving repayment timeline or monthly payment plans because it is pulled right out of your compensation. And this is only if you win your case; because a lawsuit loan is a non-recourse debt, if you lose your lawsuit for some reason, you do not have to pay us back at all.

Our focus is on helping you get through your legal battle with the financial support of legal funding you will need through a lawsuit that will likely take months, even years, to resolve. Drawing out the time in the courtroom is a tactic the defense team uses often to take advantage of those injured with a limited budget.

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