Chesapeake Lawsuit Loans

Cases in Chesapeake can take a long time to resolve because of Virginia’s special fault laws. Meanwhile, your creditors will not wait for your lawsuit to finish. How do you get the money to live while you wait for your settlement?

The answer is with Tribeca. We can secure a Chesapeake lawsuit loan that will help you stay financially sound while you wait for your settlement. It’s quick, simple, and you can get a loan of up to $5,000,000.

What Is Legal Funding?

Lawsuit loans aren’t exactly loans. They are cash advances on settlements you don’t have to pay back unless you win your case. Insurance companies know they can wait out the clock on your finances to force you to take a smaller settlement.

By getting legal funding through one of our lawsuit loans, you can reset the clock and give your lawyer more time to negotiate a much stronger deal. This potentially means more money for you, and you have less financial worry while you wait.

I Don’t Have to Pay You Back?

Correct! Lawsuit loans are a non-recourse form of funding. This means that we do not have legal recourse to get the money back from you should you lose your case. We can’t garnish your wages, attack your credit, or ask the courts to get us the money.

What this means is that we need proof that you have an excellent shot at winning your case. We require all our applicants to have a lawyer helping them with their lawsuit. By consulting with them about your case, we can make an informed decision about how much to lend.

This is especially important in Virginia cities like Chesapeake. Virginia has an older method of determining fault in personal injury lawsuits, and it’s one that’s not in favor of plaintiffs.

Pure Contributory Negligence

Virginia is one of five states, plus Washington D.C., that still uses a pure contributory negligence standard for finding fault in lawsuits. This means that if you contributed at all to the negligence that caused your injury, you will be denied compensation.

Many insurers will turn to this rule immediately to deny you coverage at all, but it’s not impossible to overcome. When we speak with your lawyer, we can ask about how likely it is your case meets this older fault standard.

If we have confidence in your case, we can still offer you a lawsuit loan in Chesapeake even under this unfriendly legal climate. Fortunately, Virginia has few regulations on lawsuit loans so there’s no trouble if you apply for one while your case is pending.

How Much Could I Get?

Your maximum lawsuit loan depends on several things. While our maximum is $5 million, the exact amount we can offer depends on your case. We consider things like:

  • Your expected settlement amount
  • Your total potential damages
  • Similar cases in the past
  • How long your case may take
  • The facts of the case and your lawyer’s opinion

Furthermore, we will only lend up to a portion of your total potential settlement. Tribeca charges a simple interest rate on all our advances and we want to ensure that you still get a sizable settlement if you win.

How Do I Pay You Back?

One of the great parts of our lawsuit loans is that you don’t have to pay us back directly. Your lawyer will handle it for you! When you win a case, the check doesn’t come to you first. It’s sent to your lawyer.

Your lawyer then subtracts their fees and, if you have a lawsuit loan, pays back the lender under the terms of the agreement. Once they pay all the other parties, your lawyer will cut a check for the rest and send it to you.

You’ll get no nagging calls or scary junk mail asking for repayment from us if you win. It’s all in your lawyer’s hands!

Don’t Let Insurance Companies Grind You Down

Insurance companies in Chesapeake know that if they wait long enough, they can wear you down and force you to take a smaller settlement, or none if they think you were negligent. We give you the breathing room to fight back.

Contact Tribeca by calling us at the number on your screen or use the Apply Now button. One of our team members will contact you and get the process started. We look forward to helping you with your case.

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