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Our legal system is founded on the principle that everyone deserves to have their day in court. However, legal fees and the burden of everyday expenses can make hearing your voice seem out of reach. Getting a lawsuit loan in Seattle, WA can help you pay your bills while your case proceeds. The team at Tribeca Lawsuit Loans is here to help you get access to a Seattle settlement loan fast.

To learn about your options for securing legal funding, call (866) 388-2288 to speak with our professional staff or by completing our three-step application.

What Are Lawsuit Loans in Seattle, WA?

It can take months or even years for your case to reach completion. During that time, you may have expenses related to your case (like legal fees and medical bills), not to mention your everyday bills. A Seattle lawsuit loan, also known as “legal funding” or “settlement funding” is a loan designed to tide you over while your lawsuit is being fought.

The loan is paid if/when you earn a settlement or win an award in court.

How Do I Find Legal Funding in Seattle, WA?

Banks are not the only companies willing to offer pre-settlement loans in Seattle. Private companies like ours have the capital to serve as your lawsuit provider. Tribeca Lawsuit Loans take pride in our unique approach to our Seattle settlement loan service. Here are three things we do differently than other companies:

1. Speak with Your Attorney

Some lenders fail to speak with attorneys because they don’t want to know if you will succeed in your lawsuit. These lenders don’t care if you win or lose because they offer recourse loans. A recourse loan means that a creditor can go after your personal belongings if you default.

We choose to provide our clients with non-recourse loans. If you default, we do not go after your personal assets. We speak with your attorney to better understand financial needs to avoid other intrusive methods of investigation like credit scores or financial behaviors.

2. Flat Rate Interest Fee

Other lenders use compound interest at high rates. Some of the more predatory loan sharks have rates as high as 44%. People who fall for those loans are in a desperate situation and end up in more debt.

We are not in the business of creating more debt for our clients. We provide a flat interest rate that ends when the settlement or court-ordered award is received.

3. If You Lose Your Case, You Do Not Pay Us Back

We provide financial relief with the expectation that you will win your lawsuit. Our team members do what we can to research your situation and make an educated assessment about whether you will win.

Who is Eligible for Legal Funding in Seattle, WA?

We supply loans to various types of lawsuits. Here are some of the most common lawsuits we service:

  • Product liability claims
  • Defective pharmaceutical cases
  • Premise liability cases
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Car accidents
  • Commercial truck accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Workplace retaliation
  • Workplace sexual harassment
  • Professional malpractice cases
  • Medical malpractice cases
  • Police brutality and abuse
  • Wrongful imprisonment
  • Hostile workplace

If you do not find your lawsuit on the list, there’s no need to stress. When you start your free application, you can provide the details, and we can further discuss your situation and how we can best help.

How Do I Qualify for Settlement Funding in Seattle?

To be eligible for a lawsuit loan in Seattle, WA, you must meet four important qualifications. You need to:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a plaintiff in an active lawsuit
  • Be asking for compensation as part of your lawsuit
  • Be represented by an attorney

Why do you need to be represented by an attorney? Our experience has taught us that plaintiffs represented by knowledgeable and experienced attorneys are more likely to win their case or reach a settlement. If you meet all four of these standards, you are eligible to possibly receive a pre-settlement loan in Seattle. Apply for your loan today.

How Do We Determine Who We Fund?

At Tribeca, we have an exceptional track record of funding successful plaintiffs. Much of it comes down to experience and sound judgment. When you submit your application, we will reach out to your attorney to learn as much as possible about the details of your case. From there, we will determine if we think you have a good chance of earning a settlement or court-ordered award. If we feel confident in your case, we will offer a Seattle settlement loan.

The amount of the loan and the interest rate we offer will depend on how much we believe you can earn and the risks involved in your case. The riskier your case, the higher the interest rate we’ll ask for. On the other hand, we always try to offer the lowest interest rate possible, so you take home more money when your case is complete.

Settlement Funding Near You

Seattle is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world. Unfortunately, the city and its residents are not immune to challenges. You may have been involved in a car accident in Seattle, been fired inappropriately, or been the victim of medical malpractice.

Tribeca has team members all over the country, including in Seattle, and we are here to help you maintain your financial stability while you wait for justice. We also serve other major cities in Washington, including:

How to Use Your Seattle Settlement Loan

Frequently, plaintiffs have a stack of expensive bills related to their lawsuit. If you were injured in a car or workplace accident, you may need to pay for doctor visits, prescriptions, and medical supplies. You may have lost your job or have trouble returning to work due to stress or anxiety.

Fortunately, there are no restrictions on how you can spend your legal funding in Seattle, WA. For example, maybe you need to purchase a new vehicle, or perhaps you simply must cover your existing bills. No matter the need, you can use the funds as you wish.

When Can I Access My Seattle Lawsuit Loans?

We believe in a quick turnaround. Pending approval, we can get you access to your loan within a 24-hour period. Our lawsuit loans are cash advances on your settlement or court-ordered award. This is your money, and we will do our best to get it in your pocket as soon as we can.

How Do I Start My Lawsuit Loan Application?

Our team at Tribeca Lawsuit Loans in Seattle, WA is ready to help you through the lawsuit loan process. To start your free application, you can complete our online application form. You can call (866) 388-2288 to speak with us about how you can get pre-settlement funding.

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