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Even if you have a strong personal injury case, insurance companies and defendants will try to get you to settle for less than the full amount of compensation you could obtain. Sadly, many people take these offers because they can’t afford to fully pursue appropriate justice.

A Tacoma lawsuit loan can help you and your loved ones make ends meet as you await your settlement. You can get the cash you need to fight for your full settlement at no risk to your personal finances. Find out if lawsuit loans are the right funding option for you.

How Does Pre-Settlement Legal Funding Work?

Lawsuit loans, also known as pre-settlement legal funding, can help plaintiffs get money from their settlement now instead of later. It can take a long time before plaintiffs see the money from their settlement. Anything could happen during that time which forces plaintiffs to accept a lower settlement.

Third-party legal funding companies can offer them an upfront payment for their expected settlement amount. These lawsuit loans don’t need to be repaid until the settlement is won. This can give plaintiffs the breathing room they need to obtain the maximum possible settlement.

However, you will need approval from your attorney first. We will work with your lawyer to outline the nature of your case and determine an expected settlement.

How Much Legal Funding Can You Receive?

The amount of legal funding in Tacoma that you can receive depends on your case. Our team will take a look at the merits of your case and make a determination based on our findings. The following factors can affect the value of your lawsuit:

  • Your total damages
  • How long your case could take to resolve
  • The amount of compensation you can expect to receive, based on similar cases

We’ll also take into account your potential level of responsibility for the damages. Washington uses pure comparative fault per RCW §4.22.005 to assign responsibility after an accident. This means that if you’re found to be 30% responsible for an accident, the total amount of damages you can obtain for your settlement is 30% less than the full award.

Are Lawsuit Loans in Tacoma Legal?

Lawsuit loans in Tacoma are legal, though the industry is largely unregulated. Lawsuit loans offer several advantages over other types of financing available to you as you await your settlement. Here are some of the most important that you’ll get through a reputable lawsuit loan provider:

  • Easy application process: We make it simple to apply for a lawsuit loan. The application takes just a few minutes. Our terms are simple and there aren’t any hidden fees or surprises.
  • No credit check: Lawsuit loans don’t require a credit check, unlike other loans that do and which may charge a high interest rate if you have bad credit.
  • If you don’t win, you don’t pay: You only have to repay your loan if you actually win your settlement. Lawsuit loans are categorized as nonrecourse debt, meaning you have no obligation to repay it from your personal assets if your settlement falls through.

How Can a Tacoma Lawsuit Loan Benefit You?

It’s expensive to fight for yourself in a lawsuit, and pre-settlement legal funding can give you the financial strength to do so. Instead of being crushed by medical expenses, lost income, mounting mortgage or rent payments, and ongoing daily expenses, you can have the money that you need to pay them.

Here’s how Washington pre-settlement funding can help you:

  • The money could be in your account in as little as 24 hours.
  • With a Tacoma lawsuit loan, you’ll face less pressure to accept a lower settlement.
  • You’ll have the money that you need to give your attorney time to build a strong case.
  • It’s usually easy to apply for a lawsuit loan.
  • Your credit history doesn’t impact your eligibility for legal funding.

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