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There are many job opportunities and a vast amount of industries available in Green Bay, Wisconsin, located on the southern (Green) bay of Lake Michigan. The top five industries here are: manufacturing, retail, healthcare, hospitality and education.

And, within these industries, there are also opportunities for difficult work situations that you may need to seek legal counsel for a lawsuit. Here at Tribeca, we can provide Green Bay lawsuit loans if you are seeking the legal funding that will support you, financially, until you find justice.

Green Bay Lawsuit Loans & Employment Law Cases

If you feel you are surrounded by a hostile work environment, which is interfering with your performance, safety, and mental health, you could have grounds to sue your employer. Other factors included in this situation is that the employee feels intimidated, offended, disrespected, threatened, and the employer knew or failed to take the proper measures to remediate.

Wisconsin’s employment laws are written to protect and empower workers against dishonest or negligent employers. It is an at-will employment state, which means that both employers and employees have the right to terminate a working relationship for any or no reason at any time. However, there are instances when wrongful termination comes into play and can occur for a number of illegal factors, including:

  • If an employer retaliates against an employee for reporting illegal workplace activities.
  • If an employer terminates an employee, which breaches the terms of a written contract.
  • If an employer does not meet an employee’s wage and hour rights.
  • If an employer does not allow an employee to return to work after recovering from work-related injuries or maternity leave.

Note: Wisconsin’s minimum wage as of January 2017 was still at the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. The state law for tipped employees is a cash minimum of $2.33 an hour from their employer, which must then be supplemented by $4.92 an hour in tips to meet the state’s minimum wage requirement. Tipped employees under age 20, called opportunity employees in Wisconsin, must be paid a cash minimum wage of $2.13 an hour and earn $3.77 in tips to meet their minimum wage of $5.90 an hour.

If you feel that your employer has not followed any of these employment laws in place in Wisconsin, file a lawsuit with an attorney, who will protect your legal rights in this complicated legal area that involves both state and federal laws. To fight a big employer with an even bigger budget, you may also need a lawsuit loan from Tribeca to cover any expenses, lost wages and more during your case.

Green Bay Lawsuit Loans & Sexual Abuse Cases

Forms of sexual harassment in the workplace may include verbal abuse, epithets, vulgar or derogatory language, display of offensive cartoons or materials, mimicry, lewd or offensive gestures, and telling of jokes offensive to employees. Wisconsin’s state laws protect employees from these types of harassment, but the harassment must be more than a few isolated incidents; it must involve a pattern of abusive conduct. Examples are:

  • Engaging in sexual conduct is made to be an implicit or explicit condition of employment.
  • Accepting or rejecting this sexual conduct is used as the basis of an employment promotion (or not) or termination.
  • The sexual conduct interferes with an employee’s work environment.

Under the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act, examples of these behavioral patterns of sexual harassment include:

  • Verbal sexual jokes or insults
  • Verbal comments about a person’s body or sex life
  • Sexually demeaning verbal comments
  • Making unsolicited gestures or staring
  • Displaying sexually suggestive or degrading materials
  • Giving sexually graphic “gifts”
  • Touching, hugging, kissing or patting
  • Brushing against a person’s body
  • Blocking a person’s movement

Men can be accused by women of sexual harassment, and vice versa. Statistics show that 27.2 percent of women in Wisconsin have experienced unwanted sexual content and 11.7 percent of men. The statute of limitations for filing a sexual harassment lawsuit is 300 days from the date the action was taken or the individual in question was made aware the action was taken.

If you are experiencing lost wages and cannot make everyday payments during the time of your lawsuit, Green Bay lawsuit loans provided by Tribeca can help you during this time.

Green Bay Lawsuit Loans: How to Get Them

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