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California Wildfire / PG&E Wildfire Lawsuit Loans

Awaiting a California wildfire lawsuit settlement because of the negligence of Pacific Gas & Electric’s (PG&E) or another third party? Use a pre-settlement loan from Tribeca Lawsuit Loans to help you through this difficult time. 

Wildfire lawsuits can take up to 4 years before you see the damages reimbursed with a wildfire settlement. In this time the regular expenses might have skyrocketed because of all the damage you have to repair, or perhaps you are repaying a mortgage to a house that is so devastated it is unlivable. This is where Tribeca Lawsuit Loans steps in to keep you afloat financially with a pre-settlement loan for the entire duration of your trial. So you can get your life back on track and know that all your living expenses will be covered, there are no restrictions on how you can spend your pre-settlement loan.  

What is a Pre-settlement Loan?

Pre-settlement loans support you financially to get you through a California Wildfire or PG&E Wildfire lawsuit. The devastating time that follows after a wildfire has been put out, while you are waiting to receive the wildfire settlement you are entitled to, can be stretched out over the years to come, as types of court battles go on for years. If you are under a lot of financial stress you might be forced to accept an earlier settlement, which usually is below what you deserve as compensation for the devastation to your home and health. To level the playing field against these large financial entities, Tribeca Lawsuit Loans will support plaintiffs with pre-settlement loans, which are only repayable out of the settlement awarded to at the end of their Wildfire Lawsuits.

What If I Do Not See Any Form of Settlement?

California Wildfire or PG&E Wildfire lawsuits loans are only repayable when you received your settlement. Pre-settlement loans are non-recourse, which means you are not required to repay your California Wildfire or PG&E Wildfire lawsuit loan in case you do not win. This is in contrast to traditional loans where you will always be held accountable for the repayment. This makes a lawsuit loan risk-free as you are not obligated to repay the pre-settlement loan in case you do not win.

Individual Assessment

Pre-settlement loan companies assess applications on a case by case basis. Each application comes with a unique set of circumstances. Health issues may arise from smoke inhalation, together with people having damage to their homes and need to rebuild part of it. Others might have lost their homes completely, yet still, have mortgage repayments to make together with the rent of their new temporary home. This is why no two California Wildfire or PG&E Wildfire lawsuit loan applications are the same.

How Can I Get a Pre-Settlement Loan for My California Wildfire or PG&E Wildfire Lawsuit?

If you have already started a California wildfire or PG&E Wildfire Lawsuit, you can apply for a lawsuit loan with Tribeca Lawsuit Loans. The application process involves us verifying certain aspects of the lawsuit with your lawyer. Once your pre-settlement loan has been approved we can issue you with a cash advance within 24 hours.

Start your application, or for inquiries call Tribeca Lawsuit Loans now on 866-388-2288 or fill out the online form.


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