Medical Malpractice Pre-Settlement Loans

Most serious medical malpractice lawsuits settle before ever seeing the inside of a courtroom. Still, the process can take a long time. In the meantime, the injured person and their family are stuck with mounting bills, medical expenses, daily costs, and other financial burdens.

Pre-settlement funding from Tribeca Lawsuit Loans can provide medical malpractice victims with up to $5 million while they wait for their case to resolve. You can use this money to meet needs like:

  • Rent or mortgage
  • Utility bills
  • Food and travel expenses
  • Medical costs

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Why Would You Need a Lawsuit Loan for a Medical Malpractice Case?

While a medical malpractice case is ongoing, it is not uncommon for victims to incur tremendous medical bills. Additionally, if a victim cannot work while they recover, they will lose the income they need to care for themselves and their family members.

Many lawsuit victims end up going into tremendous debt, whether by securing personal loans, maxing out credit cards, or even securing a predatory payday lending loan. The reality is that medical malpractice victims will have to pay all of this back regardless of whether or not they win their case.

A medical malpractice pre-settlement lawsuit loan is different. Tribeca Lawsuit Loans provides pre-settlement cash advances that only need to be paid back if the victim successfully recovers compensation through a settlement or a jury verdict. Because this is considered a non-recourse loan, victims will not have to pay us anything if their case is not successful.

How Pre-Settlement Funding Works

Legal funding is a way of drawing from your future settlement or compensation award in order to pay for expenses or replace lost income in the present. Tribeca provides you with the money you need now. Then, when you receive your compensation package, your attorney writes us a check for the agreed-upon portion and you keep the rest.

Lawsuit Loans Are Safe

Your family has no doubt been through a lot of turmoil given your experience with medical malpractice. You shouldn’t have to worry about undue risk when pursuing justice.

Legal funding from Tribeca is perfectly safe. It is considered non-recourse, which means:

  • Repayment NEVER comes from your personal finances.
  • You owe us NOTHING if you lose your case.

How Much Can You Get as a Pre-Settlement Loan?

In the past, Tribeca has provided clients with lawsuit loans ranging anywhere between $500 and $5 million in funding. Medical malpractice cases often qualify for larger loans, since there are significant costs associated with these claims for which you should eventually be reimbursed by the at-fault party.

We can’t give you a specific amount that you can expect to receive in pre-settlement funding until we’ve looked at your application, analyzed your case, and done our due diligence. What we can tell you is that we’ll provide the money you need at the lowest possible simple interest rate.

What Can I Do with the Cash from My Lawsuit Loan?

Most commonly, plaintiffs in these situations use our funding to tide them over until the successful resolution of their medical malpractice case. The compensation that we provide can help pay for:

  • Ongoing medical bills
  • Lost income if you are unable to work due to injuries or illness
  • Household expenses for things like food and gasoline
  • Coverage of utility bills
  • Payment of rent and mortgage

Every case is different, and we will work diligently to ensure that your funding needs are met so you can focus on recovering and moving forward with your case.

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