Medical Malpractice Pre-Settlement Loans

Medical Malpractice 

Medical Malpractice lawsuits are very expensive as a big part of your costs are witnesses experts. You can lose your source of income because of the harm you incurred and as a result, are left with more medical bills on top of your usual household expenses. Facing an expensive medical malpractice lawsuit with no financial backing might be too much, therefore Tribeca Lawsuit Loans offers specific pre-settlement loans to get you through the exhaustive ordeal. 

Legal Funding 

Legal funding is financial help in the form of non-traditional loans, these pre-settlement loans differ from traditional loans in that they are non-recourse based. This is the opposite of a traditional loan’s recourse structure, where you will always have to repay the money to the lender. Non-recourse characteristics of the loans makes it so that you do not have to repay the loan in case you do not see any form of settlement. 

Medical Malpractice lawsuits are complicated and take years to complete, for that reason Tribeca Lawsuit Loans’ pre-settlement funding will help you finance your lawsuit for the entire duration. 

What Constitutes Medical Malpractice? 

A medical professional can fail to diagnose, offer improper treatment, or fail to warn the patient of the risk that is involved with treatment. For the case to go to trial, a few crucial points need to be apparent. First, there needs to be proof of the patient-doctor relationship, which should be purely in a professional capacity. Secondly, the doctor must be in direct violation of the medical standard of care by being negligent. This negligence has to directly cause the injury, which becomes more difficult when patients have pre-existing conditions or injuries. And lastly, the injury must clearly have caused the plaintiff harm. This could be physical and or emotional pain (non-economical) or has affected the plaintiff financially, by loss of income or additional medical expenses (economical). 

The costly expert witnesses, legal fees, your living costs, and other living expenses you might have will all be covered with a Malpractice Lawsuit pre-settlement loan from Tribeca Lawsuit Loans. 

How do you apply for a Medical Malpractice Loan? 

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans has a swift application process, wherewith one phone call you can initiate the application process. With your consent, we will speak to your lawyer who can confirm 

if your lawsuit fulfills the necessary requirements so Tribeca can issue you with a medical malpractice pre-settlement loan. Tribeca Lawsuit Loans does not have a set interest rate but looks at your individual needs and will offer competitive interest rates. Once we have received details from your lawyer, we can have a cash advance in your bank account within 24 hours. 

Call us now on 866-388-2288 or fill out the online form. 

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