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If you’re filing a lawsuit and need money to support your case, the team here at Tribeca Lawsuit Loans can help through litigation funding. You don’t have to stress about your finances or capital when you get access to money fast through our litigation funding. 

To apply for litigation funding, all you need to do is contact us and fill out our online application. Learn more about how litigation funding works, its benefits, and how you can use it to your advantage during your lawsuit. 

What is Litigation Funding? 

Litigation funding provides plaintiffs with access to cash quickly so they can continue to fund their legal efforts without any additional financial strain. Lawsuits are expensive and sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where your current capital just isn’t enough to see you through the entire trial.

Instead of giving up on the trial, you can use litigation funding to help you get by and pay for all of your necessary expenses. This affords you the additional time necessary to fight your lawsuit all the way through without having to worry about financial strain or pressures.

Is Litigation Funding Legal?

Litigation funding is completely legal. While there are some shady lenders out there, Tribeca prides itself on being a reputable source for plaintiffs to get the funds they need. We will never try to exploit your current situation. Our main goal, first and foremost, is to assist you with your lawsuit and provide the capital and liquidity necessary to stay in the fight. You can rest easy knowing that our team is there to support you and help you throughout the span of your lawsuit. 

How Can I Apply for Litigation Funding? 

Our application process is extremely easy and straightforward. We designed it this way so you can complete it quickly and without any frustration. 

Filling Out Our Application 

On our initial application, all you need to do is provide the following information: 

  • Your information and state of residence
  • Your legal representation’s information
  • The type of case you’re filing a lawsuit for 
  • How much money you need 

Once you provide all of the information, you submit the application for internal revie,w. 

Application Review 

Upon receiving your application, our team will get to work right away reviewing all of your information. It’s likely that we will reach out to you or your lawyer to follow up and request any additional information that’s required about your case.

After we finish reviewing your application, we will reach out one more time to go over the litigation finance agreement and the terms of funding. Once you agree, we will send you the money you need in as little as 24 to 24 hours. 

Do I Need to Submit a Credit Check or Other Financial Proof for Litigation Funding Services?

When it comes to litigation finance, you won’t have to worry about going through a credit check. Unlike traditional loans, your eligibility has nothing to do with the current state of your financial health. The only information we care about the most is the information we ask for either directly or through our application. 

Your credit score doesn’t matter, and neither do your bank statements, financial history, or other financial documents. We won’t even ask you to put up any physical collateral either. So if you’re worried about your financials, don’t be. Here at Tribeca, we aim to get you the money you need based on the merits of your lawsuit alone. 

How Can I Use Litigation Funding? 

You can use the money you receive from your litigation loan for various expenses.  One important thing to remember is that we will never try to control how you use your funds. The money you get is yours to use as you wish. More often than not, these are the most common ways our litigation loans get used by law firms and plaintiffs.

Marketing and Expansion 

Lawsuits against large companies or entities will require additional expansion which in turn requires solid marketing. The more people you have backing your lawsuit and filing claims, the better the chances you have of getting justice and a fair settlement. Doing this requires money, and litigation finance services are more than capable of providing you the funds to do so. 

Unexpected Costs and Fees 

The price of a lawsuit is never set. It’s very common for lawsuits to go way over the initial budget you had planned out. Instead of depleting your savings or going into financial turmoil, you can use litigation funding services to get you cash quickly. That way, you can pay for all of your legal services and any other fees that may arise unexpectedly. 

Research and Expert Testimony 

Any good lawsuit will require extensive amounts of research and the opinions and testimonies of experts in various fields to support your case. All of this will come at a cost that can leave a large dent in your pocket. Fortunately, litigation funding can cover all of those expenses for you so you don’t have to front the bill all on your own. 

Miscellaneous Expenses 

As stated above, we don’t seek to control how you use the money you receive. Our primary goal is to get you funds so you can win your lawsuit. There are plenty of times when plaintiffs use some of the funds to cover important financial obligations such as rent, mortgage payments, living expenses, utilities, etc. 

Fighting a lawsuit is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of upfront capital, effort, and energy. If you’re in a tight spot, our team can use litigation finance to help you out so you can focus more on winning your lawsuit. 

Benefits of Litigation Funding 

There are many benefits to choosing litigation funding from a reputable provider like Tribeca over obtaining a traditional loan from a bank. 

We Let You Fight Your Lawsuit Your Way 

When you get money from our litigation finance services, we won’t try to “protect our investment” by hijacking your lawsuit. We let you fight your lawsuit on your own terms and without any interference from our end. You don’t have to worry about anyone trying to tell you what to do or swaying you to make decisions in your case. 

Take On Cases Without Any Fear 

When it comes to lawsuits with potentially large settlements, it can be scary to pursue them, especially if it’s against a particularly powerful enterprise or entity. If you don’t feel like you have the legal firepower to take on a difficult case, litigation funding will help you get the resources you need to do so. That way, you can file your lawsuit without fear and with the confidence you need to win.

Never Settling for Less 

Many insurance companies and large entities like to use stall tactics to get plaintiffs to settle for less. This is very common and often extremely effective, as most plaintiffs can’t afford to fuel their lawsuits at their own expense. Dragging out the legal process makes you more pliable and open to accepting a settlement way below what you actually deserve. 

Don’t find yourself in this position. Aside from paying for your legal expenses, another added benefit to litigation funding is the ability to negotiate. The defense won’t be able to pressure you into settling for less if you can afford to wait for a proper settlement. 

Types of Cases You Can Get Litigation Funding For

We handle litigation funding for many types of lawsuits such as: 

Even if you don’t see the type of lawsuit you’re going through listed above, don’t stress. You can still apply online for free. We encourage everyone to apply regardless of the list above. We will review all applications we receive, guaranteed.

How Do I Repay Litigation Loans? 

Repaying the funds you received from your litigation loans is simple. Once you receive your settlement after your lawsuit finishes, you will pay us back from what you won. The interest rates we have for our litigation funding services are always fixed and never compounded. We also won’t charge you any hidden fees or additional costs. Transparency is our primary goal throughout.

What If I Can’t Repay the Funds I Received? 

Because lawsuits are unpredictable, it’s possible that you may not get the settlement you were fighting for. If you can’t repay the money you received from litigation funding, don’t worry. All of our loans are non-recourse, which means that you aren’t responsible for them should you be unable to pay it back. 

In other words, if you don’t win anything from your lawsuit, you owe us nothing at all. There’s no collateral or other types of financial strain on your shoulders. The money you received is yours to keep. While this sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. Litigation loans are a virtually risk-free way of getting money fast to support you during this challenging time. 

Can’t I Just Get Litigation Funding From a Bank? 

Yes, that option is always on the table if you want to get your funds from a loan issued by a bank. However, remember that those loans will be recourse and will require a credit check and a look into your financial history. Our non-recourse litigation loans are easy to apply for and qualify for with minimal intrusion into your finances. 

Tribeca Is Here to Help You 

For years, Tribeca has helped plaintiffs across the country get funds fast so they can fight hard for their lawsuits. We can help lift financial strain off your shoulders so you can put all of your attention on winning your claim. 

The team here at Tribeca has a 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot and glowing reviews that exemplify our dedication, service, and care for all of our clients. We are also proud members of the Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Funding and the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles. 

If you’re unsure how much money you can spend on your lawsuit, stop worrying and take action today. Our litigation funding services are readily available, so all you need to do is take the few minutes to complete our application. Don’t hesitate to get risk-free funding for your lawsuit when you need it the most!

Get Litigation Funding Today 

Start your application to get litigation funding for your lawsuit today. The faster you act, the sooner we can review your eligibility and get you qualified for funds. If you have any questions about our application process, please don’t hesitate to email us or call us over the phone at (866) 388-2288.

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