Truck Accident Loans

On top of the lengthy legal process, truck accident victims often have pressing concerns like medical bills, rent payments, and other expenses. Lawsuit loans can help cover those costs while your attorney negotiates a proper settlement for the harm you suffered.

At Tribeca, we’ve provided more than $45 million in pre-settlement funding to clients in need, including many plaintiffs in truck accident lawsuits. If you’re ready to apply for FREE, fill out the form on our Apply Now page or call us for help.

How Truck Accident Legal Funding Works

Unlike other forms of lending, lawsuit loans are not really “loans” at all. They are a form of cash advance that pulls from your eventual settlement or court-awarded compensation package.

Step One: You Apply for FREE

The lawsuit loan process starts with you filling out the form on our Apply Now page. Tell us about your case, including factors like:

  • The contact information of your attorney or law firm
  • Your expected settlement or compensation amount
  • Your attorney’s estimate of how long your case will take to conclude
  • The value of the damages for which you’re pursuing compensation

We do require you to have a lawyer before starting the application process. Without their input, we cannot gauge the value or the length of your case.

Step Two: We Approve You

Our underwriting team will look into the details of your truck accident lawsuit and decide whether we’re a good fit for your situation. If so, we’ll approve your application. We may need to discuss the case with your attorney if we require more information.

Step Three: You Get the Money

In as little as 24 hours after your approval, you can have the pre-settlement funding you need in your bank account. Depending on the facts of your case, we can approve up to $1 million in truck accident legal funding. You can use that money to pay for anything you need, including medical bills, legal expenses, rent or mortgage payments, and more.

Step Four: You Repay the Funding

This is where most clients may have concerns before learning about the truck accident lawsuit loan process. But this form of cash advance is totally safe for you!

  • Repayment comes directly from your compensation package.
  • We NEVER take repayment out of your personal finances.
  • If you lose your case, you don’t owe us anything back at all!

Do I Need Good Credit to Get Truck Accident Pre-Settlement Funding?

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans only use non-recourse loans for all our funding, including truck accidents. This means that we can only get repaid through your settlement. In fact, we get paid back before you see your settlement.

This means a poor credit history or financial state is no problem when you apply! It is your case that matters to us. We also won’t check your credit history during the application process, nor ask you about other assets you own.

If you have a truck accident case in process and a lawyer on your side, you may qualify for truck accident lawsuit funding. Contact Tribeca for more information or to apply for your own lawsuit loan.

Beat the Insurers with a Truck Accident Lawsuit Loan

Trucker and trucking companies are required by law to carry huge minimum coverage policies. You could receive substantial compensation for your lawsuit, but they will do their best to drag out the suit and pay you as little as possible.

They know if they can drag it out long enough, you might have to give up your case. Lawsuit funding from Tribeca lets you keep going with your case until the trial is done and you get what you’re truly entitled to.

You do not have to be in a financial emergency before applying for a lawsuit loan. As soon as your case is accepted by a lawyer, you can reach out to Tribeca and see just how much you can get with a truck accident lawsuit loan.

Apply Today for Truck Accident Legal Funding

Ready to ease the pressure you face due to lost wages and mounting medical bills? Apply for a lawsuit cash advance for your truck accident claim by visiting our Apply Now page. You can also call our office if you have questions about the process or would like to speak with someone before applying.

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