Bus Accident Loans

A bus accident is almost always worse for the other vehicle. Buses have a lot of safety features to make them safer overall. But only up to a point. Once a bus rolls over, all bets are off and, unlike a car accident, the law is not on your side. 

Government organizations own and operate most buses. That could mean you have mere weeks to sue before you hit the statute of limitations. A bus accident loan could mean the difference between getting your lawsuit going or dropping the whole thing.

The Statute of Limitations in Government Lawsuits for Bus Accidents

The statute of limitations is a deadline. If you try to sue after the time expires, the court will say you took too long and deny your case. This rule protects people’s right to a speedy and fair trial, and each state has its own limits for different kinds of cases.

It may seem incredibly unfair, but the laws in most states strictly limit the time you have to sue a government agency and its employees. This could force you to act much faster than you can, or afford to. Let’s take New York as an example. 

Take a look at the state’s statute of limitations chart. The standard deadline to start a lawsuit for personal injury is three years after the incident. In New York City, that deadline is reduced to 90 days to notify and a year to file after the notice period.

What Can Bus Accident Legal Funding Cover?

Tribeca offers lawsuit loans for nearly all civil cases, bus accidents included. They are a cash advance against your future settlement and you can use them for any purpose. Many of our clients use them to cover for medical emergencies or day-to-day expenses after losing wages or employment.

You might have to spend more than you like seeking a lawyer who can take your case on short notice. Not every lawyer will take a case against the government. Once you do find one, you can apply for a lawsuit loan and get that money back and then some!

Tribeca offers loans from $500 to $1 million to people with qualified bus accident cases across the nation. We comply with the strictest state and federal lending and disclosure laws, and thanks to our non-recourse financing, you don’t have to pay us back if your case fails.

How Do I Qualify for Bus Accident Pre-Settlement Funding?

Tribeca only requires two things to consider your case for a bus accident loan. The first is to have a case with a chance of financial compensation. The second is to find a lawyer that is willing to work on your case.

Since our loans are non-recourse, we rely on the strength and value of your case to decide how much to lend you. Bus accidents serious enough to warrant lawsuits are often expensive, and bus operators must also carry large amounts of insurance. Thus, there’s a good chance you can find a lawyer to help you.

Once we speak with your lawyer, we can come up with a loan agreement that fits your situation best. If you accept, we will send you the money ASAP to use as you like. If you win your case, your lawyer will pay us back through your settlement money.

Take the Next Step to Your Bus Accident Loan

If you’re struggling to pay your bills or cover the costs of your lawsuit, take heart. Tribeca is here to help you. To get started on a bus accident loan, schedule a consultation by calling or clicking the Apply Now button.

There is no application fee to apply for a loan with us, so you have nothing to worry about. We’ll ask you some questions about the case and contact your lawyer for more details. IN some cases, we can get your loan approval finished in 24 hours!

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