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trials and tribulations of mass torts

The Trials & Tribulations of Mass Torts

U.S. Supreme Court made a decision that could result in millions of dollars in judgments in the future. Product liability cases take considerable effort, patience, and funding, whether an individual case, a class-action lawsuit, or a case part of an MDL.

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Tribeca Capital Group, LLC, Announces Support For New York State Litigation Funding Legislation

Candice Payrovi, Chief Operating Officer of Tribeca Capital Group, LLC, announced the company’s support of New York State Assembly Bill No. A03315, which is designed to provide regulation of the consumer litigation funding industry in the state.

workers compensation press release

Tribeca Capital Announces New Initiative to Help Plaintiffs Injured on the Job

In response to the increasing number of third-party workplace lawsuits, Tribeca Capital Group, LLC, has announced a new initiative. The company aims to provide financial assistance to injured workers who file lawsuits seeking compensation beyond their worker’s compensation claims.

Tribeca Law Suit Loans

Litigation Financing is an Investment in Democracy

According to a September 2021 Bloomberg Law Litigation Finance Survey, 88% of the responding attorneys believe that litigation finance enables better access to justice. Without justice for all, democracy fails. So, I submit that litigation financing is an investment in democracy.

Tribeca News bulletin

Tribeca Capital is Now Providing Commercial Litigation Funding for Lawsuits Up to One Million Dollars

Tribeca Capital Group LLC. has announced that it is initiating a program to provide commercial litigation funding tailored especially for smaller commercial lawsuits.  

Woman sitting at a desk (illustration)

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans Offers Financial Security to Victims of Sexual Harassment

Recognizing the pervasiveness of sexual harassment in the workplace and elsewhere, Tribeca Lawsuit Loans offers litigation funding to claimants who have filed lawsuits against the employers and educational institutions that exploited and victimized them

Cartoon guy gets removed from his job

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans Now Offers Litigation Funding to Wrongfully Fired Workers

Victims of wrongful termination often suffer a one-two punch. Explains Rory Donadio, founder of Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, “Not only do they face a confusing maze of government claim procedures and lengthy court cases, but their financial security is also compromised.” Anecdotal evidence suggests that many unlawfully fired employees fail to pursue claims because they have to […]

Illustrated car accident scene

A Tribeca Lawsuit Loan Can Help When Life Takes an Unexpected Detour

When you have to go to court over a car accident, a lawsuit loan from Tribeca Capital can help you avoid financial potholes along the way. Our nation’s highways are dangerous places. One wrong move and a motorist’s life is changed forever. The Federal Highway Administration reports an average of 5,891,000 motor vehicle accidents each year. More than 2.3 million people […]


Tribeca Capital Group Provides Litigation Loans to Qui Tam Whistleblower Claimants

Tribeca Capital Group, LLC, one of the nation’s leading litigation loan companies, has announced a drive to help support the financial needs of whistleblowers who bring actions to expose fraudulent corporate activities and other wrongdoing.


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