Product Liability Legal Funding

Lawsuits against big companies due to product liability issues can last a long time. These corporations have the wealth necessary to drag proceedings out, knowing that your bills will start to pile up and you’ll be forced to settle for far less than you deserve.

Lawsuit loans can help you by drawing from your eventual settlement and bringing that cash into the present. With over $45 million provided to clients, Tribeca Lawsuit Loans is a leader in product liability legal funding.

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What to Include in Your Application

You’ll need to include information about your lawsuit on the form when prompted, including:

  • The value of your damages
  • How long your case is expected to last before concluding
  • How much your settlement or compensation is likely to be
  • The strength of your evidence

You’ll also want to provide us with your attorney or law firm’s contact information. We exclusively provide product liability lawsuit loans to clients who are represented by legal counsel. Not only does this protect our investors from unnecessary risk, but it means you are much more likely to get the compensation you deserve.

How Much Legal Funding You Can Get

Our team analyzes your application to determine how much we can provide you with in terms of funding. Cases that are more clear-cut and have higher expected compensation packages will also be eligible for higher amounts of funding.

In the past, we’ve provided anywhere from $500 to $1,000,000 to clients with product liability lawsuits.

Getting Multiple Lawsuit Cash Advances

In some situations, it might be possible for you to get additional funding months after your initial application is approved. For example, we might be able to restructure your product liability lawsuit loan if your case is pending longer than expected due to the company’s or manufacturer’s consistent delaying of settlement negotiations. 

Simply contact our office or fill out the application again and we will see what we can do.

Is Legal Funding Safe?

This type of lending is completely safe for you! As a form of non-recourse debt, it keeps you safe from personal liability. That means:

  • We never take repayment out of your personal finances.
  • Repayment is solely the agreed-upon portion of your compensation package.
  • If you lose your product liability lawsuit, you don’t pay back your product liability lawsuit loan!

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