Top Lawsuit Funding Companies in the US 2023-2024

Posted on: January 17 2023Category:

When you are the plaintiff in a lawsuit, you may be faced with rising debt. When the defense offers mere pennies on the dollar for a case your attorney insists is worth much more — what can you do? This is the common problem pre-settlement funding was designed to solve. It serves as a cash […]

Will Tribeca Capital Work With My Lawyer?

Posted on: December 31 2022Category:

Tribeca Capital will work with your lawyer to from the outset to get you the legal funding necessary to win your maximum settlement. A lawsuit can take months or even years to settle, and your legal funding company will be a long-term partner during your case. We believe that we can offer better service to […]

How Long Does A Settlement Check Take To Clear?

Posted on: November 29 2022Category:

A settlement check can take about six weeks after negotiations between parties to clear. However, this estimated period can be delayed by weeks or even months by a number of variables, which can put a lot of stress on injured victims. Even after a check is received by your law firm or personal injury attorney, […]

Is A Knee Injury Settlement Calculator Reliable?

Posted on: November 26 2022Category:

Have you suffered a knee injury in an accident, such as a slip-and-fall incident or a car accident? A generic knee injury settlement calculator can only give you a rough idea of your estimated settlement value. Every settlement amount is unique depending on the circumstances of a knee injury. How can you calculate the fair […]

The 6 Best Car Accident Loan Companies

Posted on: November 26 2022Category:

Filing a car accident case can help injured plaintiffs financially recover from a motor vehicle accident. A fair lawsuit settlement would cover treatment for serious injuries, property damage, and other expenses incurred. However, they may wait for months before their cases get resolved. Bills keep piling up in the meantime, putting financial and emotional stress […]

The 5 Best Litigation Finance Companies

Posted on: November 26 2022Category:

When people look for litigation funders, their online searches may lead them to pages that claim to rank companies based on funding, customer service, and the ease of their application process. When people look for litigation funders, their online searches may lead them to pages that claim to rank companies based on funding, customer service, […]

How Much Can Child Support Take From Settlement?

Posted on: November 22 2022Category:

How much child support will be taken from your personal injury settlement will depend on a few factors, including whether you’re behind on your payments, how much you owe, whether you receive a large settlement, and your state laws. After an injury or an accident, your child support obligations may be the last thing on […]

Cervical Spine Injury Settlement Amounts: Factors & Averages

Posted on: November 22 2022Category:

Average cervical spine injury settlement amounts normally range from $100,000 to $200,000. However, car accidents can cause very serious neck and back injuries that can raise this average settlement amount, especially if they have lifelong effects. If you suffered a cervical spine injury in a car accident, you should file a claim within your state’s […]

What Is a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)?

Posted on: October 10 2022Category:

Have you been in a motor vehicle accident and as a consequence are unable to work? Your regular bills still need to be paid and rent will still be due. If you need an immediate cash advance to cover your bills and legal expenses Tribeca Lawsuit Loans has a straight forward and fast application process. […]

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