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Many people are familiar with cash advance offers on credit cards. Although most credit cards will not allow you to take your entire line of credit in such an advance, you are usually allowed to take a limited amount out. There are typically fees as well as high interest rates associated with credit card cash advances. If you find yourself in the middle of a lawsuit, you may be tempted to request such a credit
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In most cases, the short answer to this question is “no.” The reason that lawsuit loans are not available to minors has to do with the goal of the settlement itself. In most cases, when a child has been injured in an automobile accident, medical malpractice, product liability claim or similar incident, the court wants to ensure the long-term benefit of the child. As a result, the court will typically have a highly structured, highly
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If you find yourself in a lawsuit situation and need money, you may be thinking about taking out a lawsuit loan. Many bold advertisements will be sent to you encouraging you to get your hands on large settlements quickly. As inviting as these loans sound, be sure you take some precautionary steps to decide if this is the best course of action in your particular circumstance. If you decide it is, take the time to
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Do Lawsuit Loan Qualifications Differ by State?

Posted by Underwriter on  November 13, 2018

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Lawsuit loan qualifications are actually quite similar across states and may differ somewhat by the provider you select. In general, reputable legal loan organizations will make the process as quick and easy as possible, focused on helping you meet your financial obligations during the lawsuit process. Here are some typical qualifications: Plaintiff Must Hire Contingency-Fee-Based Attorney These attorneys will work with you on your lawsuit and only get paid out of your settlement funds. If
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There are few situations more stressful than being involved in a legal case, especially when it drags on and on. Regardless of the cause of your legal claim — medical malpractice, car accident, personal injury, product liability, employment grievance, athletic injury or whatever –, it’s bound to take time and an emotional toll. That’s why Tribeca Lawsuit Loans offers settlement loans to clients like you, with pending lawsuits. A settlement loan, or lawsuit loan, is