Pedestrian Accident Loans

Pedestrians risk their lives every time they cross the road. Signals and the attention of excellent drivers keep them safe, but not always. Thousands die in pedestrian accidents each year and hundreds of thousands get injured. This isn’t just painful. It’s also expensive.

A pedestrian accident could make you lose your job and drain your accounts with expensive medical care. While you’re waiting on your settlement, what can you do to cover expenses? Tribeca can help you with a pedestrian accident loan.

The Need for Pedestrian Accident Pre-Settlement Funding

In 2017, the cost of pedestrian accidents averaged around $58,700 per event according to the National Safety Council. Pedestrian accidents are costly because there is little protection for pedestrians if they’re struck by a car. That’s why they have to rely on safety signals and trust drivers to follow them.

Traumatic brain injuries, permanent disability, and similar injuries can keep a victim from working for the rest of their lives. These and other victims deserve compensation and they shouldn’t have to wait for it longer than necessary. Sadly, it can take months or years to finish a lawsuit.

Waiting on the wheels of justice to turn can take longer than it should. A victim can run out of cash before finishing their lawsuit. That’s where Tribeca can step in and get you money from your settlement. You don’t have to give up your lawsuit before you’re ready!

How Legal Funding Works in Pedestrian Accidents

As long as you have a lawsuit or claim in process and you have a lawyer working on your case, your pedestrian accident will probably qualify. You don’t have to worry about your employment situation, financial situation, or credit situation.

Tribeca offers loans based on how likely you will win your case and its value. As high as the average cost of a pedestrian accident is, odds are good that we can extend a loan to you for part of your settlement. When we learn the details of your case during your consultation, Tribeca will work quickly to see if your case qualifies.

What are some things that could disqualify your case for a pedestrian accident loan? Usually, these are legal matters that could lower your compensation or eliminate it. For instance, if you have a high level of personal liability in the case, that could deny you compensation based on your state’s fault laws.

What Happens If My Case Fails?

All of our accident loans are non-recourse loans. Think of these like how you pay your lawyer. If you don’t win your case, you don’t have to pay their contingency fee, right? It’s the same with us. But where lawyers will always get their percentage cut, we’re different.

If you lose your case, you don’t owe us anything. If you get less than you thought due to a legal problem and you can’t pay us everything back, you don’t owe us anything beyond what your settlement brings. In short, there is no risk to your future finances by getting a loan with us.

We also have a policy of only offering part of your potential settlement. We think everyone who suffered an accident deserves adequate compensation. Tribeca does not use tactics like compound interest to suck away more of your loan than you expect. See our rates for more information.

Start Your No-Risk Application Now

If you think your case qualifies for a pedestrian accident loan, there is no risk to apply. We do not charge application fees to see if you qualify. To get started, call us or reach out to us using the Apply Now button to schedule an appointment.

Our team will talk to you about your case and reach out to your lawyer to gather what we need to make a lending decision. If you qualify and accept our offer, we can have the money in your account as soon as 24 hours after acceptance. Remember, if you lose your case, then you do not owe us!

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