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Working for the railroad company can leave you exposed to extremely dangerous working conditions. Therefore an injury on the job can leave you with serious health issues. As a result of which you can be left unable to work and even potentially losing your income. If it can be proven that the railroad company was negligent, exposing you to an unsafe working environment, you can take them to court and start a FELA Lawsuit or a FELA Railroad Lawsuit.

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans can help you finance your FELA Lawsuit, by offering a fast cash advance specifically catered to your needs. The initiation of the application and delivery of the pre-settlement loan takes only 24 hours.

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What is FELA?

FELA stands for The Federal Employer Liability Act, which was enacted in 1908 by congress. Due to the expansion of the U.S., a lot of railroad jobs were created. Owing to the fact that railroad labor is a very dangerous job, together with the extremely high number of injured railroad workers, the FELA was put in place to protects and make sure these people injured on the job get compensated. 

The act holds employers responsible for providing appropriate training and monitoring of employees, whilst making sure safety rules and regulations are enforced. Working schedules should be reasonable as well as the working environments must also be safe and not include dangerous hazards. On top of that, any machinery and equipment must be safe to use and maintained properly. These are just a few regulations FELA upholds. 

Unlike the Workers’ Compensation Law, where you will automatically receive compensation. FELA Law requires you to prove that your employer put your health and safety at risk due to their negligence, meaning they lacked in upholding these FELA requirements. As a result of this, you will be eligible for compensation in the form of a FELA Railroad Settlement and can start a FELA Lawsuit. 

What Qualifies as a FELA Railroad Case?

Working for the railroad company you will be faced with potentially life-threatening working conditions. You can slip and fall on the tracks. Or even be put in a situation where a train can derail or collide with another train. Physical injuries after such a catastrophic accident can be very severe. Suffering excruciating pain of crushed limbs, potential amputation, concussions. As well as, emotional suffering after losing limbs or witnessing horrific events can be immensely devastating. Such pain and suffering can be scarring for life. 

Certain injuries might take years to become apparent, in the time period of 1960 to 1990, railroad workers were exposed to a solvent, which later appeared to be a toxic chemical, that caused a debilitating brain condition leading to severe brain damage and dysfunction. The CSX’s railroad workers were submitted to the chronic and degenerative effects leading to brain trauma. Even though this toxic encephalopathy, a disease affecting the brain, is very complex and difficult to determine by medical experts, a jury still awarded $35 million in a FELA Railroad settlement to be paid out to 466 solvent-exposed claims.

What is Legal Funding?

If are unable to work because of a railroad-related work accident, you might be eligible for legal funding at Tribeca Lawsuit Loans to fund a FELA Lawsuit of FELA Railroad Case. 

In addition to your non-economic pain (physical and emotional), it becomes even worse if you have financial troubles while waiting for your FELA lawsuit to conclude. Your bills and other expenses still need to be paid. This is where Tribeca Lawsuit Loans can step in, to bridge this financial with a risk-free pre-settlement loan. Legal funding or pre-settlement loans are risk-free because you will only be legally entitled to repay the loan when you have received your settlement from your FELA Lawsuit. The legal term for this is non-recourse, this makes your loan a risk-free endeavor. 

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The total amount of pre-settlement funding you can get is case-specific. The severity of your injuries and the extent of the employer’s negligence will determine how much pre-settlement funding you are entitled to receive. Tribeca Lawsuit Loans has no upfront or hidden cost and any interest incurred will be paid for when you receive your settlement.

You will be allowed to use this loan as you see fit. You could pay your rent to avoid eviction, use it to pay bills to keep your household out-going, or use it directly to fund your FELA Lawsuit or FELA Railroad Lawsuit Case.

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