Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loans

Death will come to us all one day, but few of us want it to come before it’s time. The family members left behind after a wrongful death case deserve compensation. Yet they could face many bills related to the estate before they get it.

A wrongful death lawsuit loan can help the survivors of the family deal with the immediate financial side effects of losing their loved one. A family with a strong case but no breadwinner needs some way to cover their expenses. Tribeca’s lawsuit loans can bridge the gap.

Do All Wrongful Death Cases Qualify for Pre-Settlement Funding?

In order for your case to qualify for a lawsuit loan, it must meet one requirement. You need to have a lawyer take on your case. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency plan, so you do not need to pay them upfront. You only pay if you win.

The same goes for Tribeca. We only offer non-recourse loans. These loans can only be paid back from your settlement. If you lose your case, you do not have to pay us back. We also cannot seek legal recourse to get paid back through your other assets.

Most wrongful death cases have enough value to qualify for a loan once you have a lawyer, but each state has different rules about who can start a wrongful death claim. The person who starts the case is the one who needs to reach out to Tribeca for help.

Why Is Your Wrongful Death Legal Funding Non-Recourse?

In a traditional loan, a borrower receives money and agrees to pay back the loan bit by bit. During that time, the lender charges interest that the borrower must pay. If the borrower cannot repay the loan, the lender has many legal options to get their money back and punish the borrower.

Our borrowers already face tremendous difficulty from their lawsuits. The last thing they need is a predatory lender binding them to an agreement they can’t pay back. Yet these victims and their families need help while they wait for their lawsuits to finish.

Non-recourse loans are the fairest way to pay survivors of wrongful death claims. Tribeca only offers simple interest loans and does not charge hidden fees to apply. This makes it easy to calculate the interest you’ll pay when you win your case.

How Do I Pay Back Tribeca After I Win My Wrongful Death Case?

If you’ve never had to settle the debts of a family member or go through probate, count yourself lucky. It is a stressful and confusing process. However, Tribeca’s loan repayment process makes paying us back as easy as possible.

When you win your case, your lawyer will receive the settlement check from the other party. They will pay themselves and the balance of the loan before delivering the rest to where it goes under your state’s laws. This could be directly to you or to the estate.

You don’t have to worry about a monthly bill from us. It’s all handled at once, even if you get less than you thought. Any remaining balance does not have to be paid back. Losing a case also doesn’t affect your credit score.

Get Help from Tribeca Fast with a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loan

If you’re struggling in the aftermath of a wrongful death situation, do not lose heart. Once you have your case accepted by a lawyer, Tribeca can put money into your pocket fast, sometimes in as little as 24 hours!

To get started, click the Apply Now button at the top of your screen or call the number. You can leave a message for us anytime. We will contact you back to schedule a loan consultation meeting and see if your case qualifies for a wrongful death lawsuit loan.

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