Motorcycle Accident Loans

When a rider gets into a motorcycle accident, there’s no car frame, crumple zone, or airbag to protect them. It’s just a helmet, pads, and leather. While these are essential for saving a life, many riders are still left with serious injuries after crashes and long recoveries that could put them out of work.

A lawsuit will get these victims some compensation, but they take a lot of time and the victim could run out of money before their cases finish. Tribeca’s motorcycle accident loans can give victims more time to finish their lawsuits and achieve justice.

Reasons to Get a Lawsuit Loan in a Motorcycle Accident Case

In a motorcycle accident, if you’re the rider, there’s little between you and the road. This makes your injuries much worse and could even cause lifelong disability. A lawsuit covers those costs, but it can take months or years for your case to get through court.

But if you get a motorcycle accident lawsuit loan from Tribeca, you can get your money early from your settlement before you win. This lets you:

  • Pay bills to get creditors off your back
  • Give your lawyer more time to finish your case
  • Cover necessary living expenses
  • Ignore lowball offers from insurers to stop your case

Most importantly, it gives you some peace of mind. Also, thanks to how we structure our loans, you’ll have nothing to worry about if you lose your case or get less money than you expected. You get to keep the money because these are non-recourse loans.

What Is Non-Recourse Funding?

When someone defaults on a normal loan, they have recourse to go to court and find another way to get the money they’re owed. They could put a lien on the property, or get the court to allow wage garnishment, or whatever else is legal for that kind of loan.

In a non-recourse loan, those options are removed. The only allowable sources of payment are in the contract. In a lawsuit loan, that source is the future settlement. Thus, if you have no settlement, there’s no way to pay us back. It’s the same if you are awarded less than what you receive from us. We can’t take back the excess.

This makes lawsuit loans much less risky for borrowers, and that’s important. It would be unethical to pile more debt on someone who has already suffered enough to justify a lawsuit. Our non-recourse loans remove that risk.

How Are Cases Qualified for Legal Funding?

Your lawyer is the main qualification to see if your case qualifies. Just having a lawyer is a big step in that direction. If you can’t get a lawyer to take your case, chances are there’s a serious problem and you’re not likely to win.

Also, the case has to be one where you have a chance of receiving compensation. A criminal case can’t get a lawsuit loan, but a related civil case could. Most civil cases qualify for lawsuit loans for this step.

During your consultation, we’ll ask you questions about your case and then get more information from your lawyer. Combined, this will tell us if your case qualifies for a lawsuit loan and for how much. If you are qualified, you could get your money in 24 hours upon acceptance of the offer.

Get Pre-Settlement Funding Out of Your Motorcycle Accident Case Today

You don’t have to sit and suffer while you wait for your settlement. You can get some of it right away with our help. Simply give us a call or click the Apply Now button to get started. We will schedule a loan consultation with you to get the process started.

If you feel you have to decide between financial ruin and getting full justice for your injuries, don’t wait. Call right now and get your motorcycle accident loan from Tribeca.

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