Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit Loans

We expect nursing homes to care for our loved ones in their final years, but that expectation can fall through. Whether through nursing home negligence or abuse, some residents receive injuries that deserve compensation. Residents can even die due to negligence.

The costs of handling a nursing home lawsuit can be greater than you think. Tribeca is ready to help you with a nursing home negligence lawsuit loan. By taking advantage of our service, you can fund your lawsuit until it’s finished.

The Unexpected Costs of Nursing Home Negligence

One thing that must be done immediately after filing a nursing home lawsuit is moving your loved one from the home. This could be to another nursing home or it could be into your own home. Either situation is stressful and could put your financial situation at risk.

For instance, if you have to take your loved one in then you’ll have to pay for their care or take time off work. You may have to pay for medication and possibly at full price. There’s also the possibility of sudden hospitalization.

Once you get your settlement, that money could help pay for your loved one’s care for a while, but the costs are building up right now. Tribeca’s nursing home lawsuit loans will help you stretch your finances until your case is done.

How Do Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit Loans Work?

Lawsuit loans broadly work the same no matter what kind of civil case you have. As long as you have a case and you have a lawyer willing to help you win it, you can apply for a lawsuit loan. You can get anywhere from $500 to $1 million from your future settlement through Tribeca.

Our loan offer depends on the value of your case and your lawyer’s opinion of its strength. Your ability to repay or your credit score are NOT a factor. Tribeca only offers non-recourse loans, so all of our attention for qualifying you is on your case.

If you win your case, your lawyer will pay us back plus simple interest before sending the rest of the money to you. If you lose your case, then you will owe us nothing. This is the power of non-recourse lawsuit loans. We, like your lawyer, take on the risk of taking on your case.

How Soon Can I Get My Nursing Home Negligence Legal Funding?

Tribeca can deliver some lawsuit loan funds within 24 hours of applying, but nursing home cases are more complex. We will need to speak with your lawyer to get the facts of your case so our underwriting team can make a decision. This may take a few days.

You could be approved for a large loan amount, which could delay your funding because of federal money transfer laws. Your bank may put a waiting period on the loan before you can access the money. This is beyond Tribeca’s control.

That said, we want to get you an approval decision and your money as fast as we can. The sooner you start, the better! You can always reach out to our office to get an update on your loan application. If you apply, tell your lawyer to expect us to reach out. We cannot process your application without their input.

Start Your Nursing Home Negligence Pre-Settlement Funding Application Now

Don’t let the fear of how you’ll afford to move your loved one keep you from filing a negligence lawsuit. You could save their lives through your lawsuit. Tribeca wants to help you with our simple interest non-recourse lawsuit loans.

Start your application by calling us immediately or using the Apply Now button. Remember, you will need to have a lawyer first before reaching out so we can qualify your case. Time is of the essence. If you don’t have a nursing home lawyer in your area, contact your state’s bar association for a reference.

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