Birth Injury Lawsuit Loans

A birth injury is a special type of personal injury claim. It is an injury done to a mother or a newborn child while under the care of a hospital before, during, and after birth. Many of these injuries are preventable and lead to birth injury lawsuits.

Any medical malpractice lawsuit takes a long time. Your lawyer will need to bring in expert witnesses that can argue against your doctor. A birth injury lawsuit loan from Tribeca will help you cover your costs of care in the meantime while you wait on your settlement.

Types of Birth Injuries You Can Sue For

New mothers are shocked by the number of possible risks that can happen during a pregnancy and labor. That’s why prenatal care is so important, and why doctors who fail their duty of care must pay. Birth injuries include:

  • Some cases of cerebral and erb’s palsy
  • Preeclampsia
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Using vacuum devices or forceps incorrectly
  • Untreated infant jaundice
  • Hemorrhaging
  • Untreated gestational diabetes
  • Bone fractures

The question in any birth injury is whether negligence was involved. While you’re waiting on your lawyer to argue that there was, you still need to pay for care for yourself and your child. Health insurance may only go so far, especially if the injury is serious.

A Lawsuit Loan Helps Cover Birth Injury Costs

The single best thing you can do for your baby is to get them early treatment for their injuries. If you’ve found a lawyer that will take your birth injury case, Tribeca can help put money in your pocket to do just that.

Many birth injuries can cascade into lifelong and expensive problems without early treatment by a competent doctor. You should not hesitate to contact us if you’re worried about paying for your care, especially if your health insurer starts threatening your child’s care.

If you’re employed, we also encourage you to look into FMLA leave so you can focus on caring for your child during this critical time. If you’re worried about your expenses because you need time off, a birth injury lawsuit loan is what you need.

How Birth Injury Legal Funding Work

A lawsuit loan is an advance on your future settlement. We get you money from it now to pay for the things you need. When you win your case, your lawyer will pay us back plus interest out of your settlement.

Lawsuit loans are non-recourse loans. If you lose your case or run out of money from your settlement to pay us back, you do not owe us anything. This is why we need to study your case before approval, but many birth injury cases will qualify easily.

Our interest rates do not vary and we only charge simple interest. It is easy to see how much you’ll owe us when you win your case and there are no hidden fees with your loan. We also turn around loans quickly once we’ve made a decision!

Get Pre-Settlement Funding During the Pendency of Your Birth Injury Lawsuit

If you or your child have been hurt by a birth injury and you have a lawyer working on a lawsuit, then you’re qualified. Reach out to Tribeca for a birth injury lawsuit loan by calling us or using our online application. It doesn’t matter where your case happened. Tribeca makes loans to people nationwide.

You should also ask your lawyer about writing letters of protection to help you get emergency care for your child. These can help you get healthcare access with a promise of payment later. Every tool, including lawsuit loans, should be used to help you and your child after an injury.

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