Fluoroquinolones Lawsuit Loans

Antibiotics like Levaquin and Cipro, which contain the compound fluoroquinolone, have become the subject of various lawsuits around the country due to their increased risk of aneurysms and other issues. If you’re involved in a fluoroquinolone lawsuit, you can get a pre-settlement loan.

Litigation plaintiffs can get fluoroquinolone legal funding to help cover current expenses like bills, rent, and food while fighting for a just payout. Pharmaceutical manufacturers often stall proceedings, hoping to pressure injured people into settling for less than they deserve.

How Much Funding Can You Get for Your Fluoroquinolones Lawsuit?

The amount of money you receive depends on several factors. Unlike a traditional loan, we don’t have to take into account issues like your credit score or personal financial situation. Instead, your legal funding will be repaid out of your compensation package at the end of your lawsuit, so we determine the amount we can provide based on the details of your claim.

Factors that affect how much you can receive include:

  • The overall strength of your lawsuit (evidence, testimony, medical records, etc.)
  • How long your lawsuit is expected to last
  • The total amount of damages you have suffered
  • Your expected compensation package’s value

Clients typically receive anywhere from $500 to $1 million in fluoroquinolones pre-settlement funds, which you can spend on anything you need.

What Information Do You Need to Provide to Get Fluoroquinolones Legal Funding?

When you apply for free via our online application form, you’ll need to include information related to your case. That includes details about your usage of the fluoroquinolone product, the injuries you suffered as a result, when you filed your lawsuit, and how much money you are suing for.

You also need to provide us with contact information for your attorney or law firm. We work directly with your lawyer for repayment, saving you time and hassle. Our underwriters also may need to get in touch with them for additional details and verification of your fluoroquinolone claim.

Are Fluoroquinolone Lawsuit Loans Safe?

When you are pursuing justice for injuries related to dangerous drugs, you and your family have suffered enough. That’s why we ensure that our fluoroquinolone lawsuit financing is safe and risk-free for you. As non-recourse debt, you are not personally liable for repayment.

  • Repayment comes from your compensation, not your bank account.
  • You don’t repay the lawsuit loan if you lose your case.
  • We cannot seize any collateral; we are only repaid out of your settlement or jury award.

How the Repayment Process Works

At the conclusion of your fluoroquinolones lawsuit, if you win your case, your attorney will receive a check for the settlement amount or court award. Then, they simply send us a check out of that compensation package for the agreed-upon portion, and you keep the rest.

There are no monthly payments to worry about, no repayment at all if you receive no compensation, and no harm to your personal finances. In this way, we lawsuit loan providers take on all the risk so that you don’t have to.

Ease Financial Pressure with Fluoroquinolones Lawsuit Loans

If you are ready to combat the stall tactics of Big Pharma so that you can pursue the compensation you are owed in your lawsuit, apply for a fluoroquinolone lawsuit loan from Tribeca Lawsuit Loans.

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