Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Loans

Medical malpractice is probably the most complicated form of personal injury law. These cases are rarely clear and require a deep analysis of the facts by expert witnesses. This takes a long time, but you need money now to cover your injuries.

Tribeca is ready to help you through this time. If you have a case and you think you’re likely to win, we can offer a medical malpractice lawsuit loan against your future settlement. You can get money now to pay for medical care, living expenses, creditors, and more.

Why Medical Malpractice Cases Take So Long

Negligence in medicine is hard to judge. In many personal injury cases, like car crashes, cause and effect are easy to see. Not so in medicine. No doctor can save all their patients or prevent an injury from getting worse. When does it cross the line?

Doctors have a duty of care to follow along with standards of practice. You have a case when these are violated, but proving it is another matter. It usually takes expert witnesses in similar fields to give courts the evidence they need.

It takes time to hire these experts, gather up all the information, and chew through it to build and prove a case. If only it were as easy as pointing to your injuries! All this extra, but necessary, work drags out malpractice cases, and that means trouble for your finances.

Proving a Medical Malpractice Case

To prove a medical malpractice case, your lawyer must prove several things to the court or to the malpractice insurer. These things are:

  • Proof that you and the doctor had a medical relationship
  • Proof that the doctor or another medical professional was negligent and broke the standards of care for their specialty
  • Proof that the negligence caused your injury
  • Proof of the cost of your injuries, ongoing care, and similar damages

Gathering all this evidence takes time – time you may not have before your funds run out. Your lawyer can sometimes help with some of your expenses through letters of protection, but those don’t cover all your bills. If you can’t work, you’re in a dangerous position.

That’s where lawsuit loans come in. They fill in the gaps in your finances between getting injured and getting to that big payday. Plus, our loans protect you if your case fails. You don’t have to pay back what you got from us.

Why You Need a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Loan

In a medical malpractice situation, you may need further medical care, medical gear, new prescriptions, and more. Health insurance may only go so far and you might need money to stay afloat while your case finishes. That’s one place our lawsuit loans can help you.

Another place is if you can’t work while you’re recovering. So many people have either quit their cases or never started them because they were afraid they’d run out of money. They turned to a settlement instead, one that doesn’t cover the true costs of what happened.

You don’t need a reason to apply for medical malpractice pre-settlement funding. You just need to have your case qualify and you can get from $500 to $1 million early from your case. The money can be treated just like part of your settlement and you can spend it on whatever you like.

You Can Apply for a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Loan for FREE

It costs you nothing to apply for medical malpractice legal funding. You’re almost certain to have the only requirement we have for applying, a lawyer working on your case. Call us or click the Apply Now button to get started.

Tribeca handles cases in every state, and not just medical malpractice or personal injury. Check out all the cases we fund. You never know when you might get into one and need some financial help from our lawsuit loan team.

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