Can I Get More Than One Pre-settlement Loan?

Yes! It is possible sometimes to get another pre-settlement cash advance from your lawsuit with Tribeca Lawsuit Loans. As legal cases proceed, different circumstances can arise and create a situation where a revised loan is appropriate.

Are you nearing the end of your lawsuit, or are you in need of further unexpected medical treatment? Tribeca Lawsuit Loans offer no-obligation reviews of current pre-settlement funding products to see if you qualify for more.

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A couple gives each other a high-five over some news. Looks like they got another pre-settlement loan!

Basics of a Pre-Settlement Loan

Pre-settlement loans, also called legal funding, lawsuit funding, or lawsuit loans, are loans plaintiffs use so they can afford to live, get medical treatment, pay for damaged property, or any other necessary expenses after their injury.

These pre-settlement funding products are usually given on an estimation of the value of the expected settlement and also your expected living expenses for the duration of the proceedings.  

However, personal injury claims can drag out over years, and they can take many unexpected turns. 

Why Would I Need a Second Loan?

The time it takes for a trial to conclude can vary and no two lawsuits are the same, therefore it is not unusual to request a second or even a third pre-settlement loan. Here are some other circumstances that might require you to get another loan:

  • Your medical bills are higher than expected.
  • You discover additional injuries related to your accident.
  • You have difficulty finding work or can’t work as much.
  • You are waiting on disability approval.
  • You receive unexpected bills you can’t pay.

It is hard to predict exactly how much it will cost to cover your bills after an accident. Your lender and lawyer will work out a good estimate, but we know things change. That’s why we’re more than glad to give your case a second look.

Taking Out Another Pre-Settlement Loan

Typically, a legal funding company will only fund up to 10-20% of the expected settlement. This is to ensure that you are left with the biggest part after everything is settled and your lawyer and loan company is paid off.

If you borrowed less than this amount, your current legal financier should be willing to review your application for an extension. Also, if it looks like you could recover more than you expected you could borrow off of a revised estimate.

Even if you took the maximum amount the first time, you could still be eligible for more now that your case has progressed. The way to find out is to contact us for a free reassessment.

Can I Apply For An Additional Pre-Settlement Loan From a Different Legal Lender?

Yes, but with a catch. Pre-settlement contracts stipulate that you cannot have multiple legal funding agreements from different lenders. What we can do is buy the loan from your first lender so all your agreements are under our name.

Our company can extend loans of up to $1,000,000 for your case. If your current lender has a lower cap and you need more money, it doesn’t hurt to call us and see if you can get more when you need it.

Apply Now for a Second Pre-Settlement Loan

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans is always willing to deal with additional pre-settlement loan requests. If you have a pending lawsuit and your initial legal funding was not sufficient, apply for additional financing through us.

The application process is straightforward. Give Tribeca Lawsuit Loans a call or contact us through our contact form. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions.

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