Does My Credit Score Affect Getting a Pre-settlement Loan?

Credit scores do not influence pre-settlement funding applications. It is a common question pre-settlement applicants have and therefore we have decided to shed some light on the topic.

Unlike regular loans, pre-settlement loans do not check your credit score, check whether you have sufficient income, or even check for a bad employment history overall. The basis for them issuing legal funding is the anticipated settlement reward of your lawsuit. 

What Are Pre-settlement Loans Used For?

Often due to financial stress, plaintiffs are forced to accept an earlier settlement far below what they are justified to receive. Pre-settlement funding will keep you afloat so you can pay all your household bills, pay for medical expenses, physiotherapy, or anything else depending on your individual needs. Under those circumstances, you can focus on rebuilding your life without the worry of financial hardship whilst you wait for your lawsuit to conclude. 

Financiers are expected to get repaid out of the settlement you receive at the end of your case. And because of the non-recourse structure, in the unfortunate event that you lose your case, you are not required to repay the pre-settlement funding.

Why Does My Credit Score Not Matter? 

Pre-settlement financiers believe in your case and know that without financial support to cover your living expenses you are likely to be pressured into agreeing on taking on a reduced settlement. They invest in your lawsuit and a return of this investment is guaranteed by the strength of your lawsuit, and not your current or past employment or credit score.

How Do Pre-settlement Financiers Value My Case?

Legal financiers value your lawsuit by looking at the expected settlement from your lawsuit.

This is influenced by various characteristics of your case:

  • The type of lawsuit you have
  • Previous verdicts for similar cases
  • The financial impact to yourself (economical damages)
  • The emotional and physical impact on you (non-economic damages)
  • The expected duration of the court proceedings
  • The legal theory applied to your case
  • The evidence supporting your claim
  • Potential punitive damages 

What Are The Application Criteria?

To start your pre-settlement application, you must have a pending legal claim and an attorney who has already done the preliminary groundwork on your case. They will have assessed the evidence, estimated the damages to be claimed, gathered necessary expert witnesses, and mapped out potential legal theories that can be used to argue your case. Therefore Tribeca Lawsuit Loans assesses every lawsuit on an individual basis. 

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As soon as we speak to your attorney and receive all the relevant documents supporting your lawsuit, we can issue you with pre-settlement funding. From the point of approval, we can have a cash advance sent to you as soon as 24 hours. 

We are available 24/7 as we are aware that unexpected circumstances happen in your life while awaiting a pending lawsuit. 

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