What Is The Maximum That I Can Receive As a Pre-Settlement Loan?

Many people wrongfully assume that lawsuits are quick and easy. A lawsuit can take months, or even years, to finally resolve. In the meantime, your bills and financial obligations continue to pile up. Pre-settlement legal funding offers a way out of this predicament without having to settle for less than you deserve.

At Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, our underwriting team can provide up to $2,000,000 in funds now so that you can cover your expenses while you wait for your compensation. Some cases may require a smaller amount to cover costs. We’ve provided clients with as little as $500, which sometimes makes all the difference.

How Much Can I Get from a Pre-Settlement Loan?

The amount you receive for your pre-settlement loan depends on various factors related to your claim, such as how much you need, how much compensation you can win, and the length of time your lawsuit is expected to last. All these details help us determine the right amount of pre-settlement funding to provide.

Pre-settlement loans don’t work like traditional loans. You aren’t personally liable for the funding you receive. It’s basically a way of reaching into the future, grabbing some of the money you are owed, and pulling it into the present to cover your expenses now. If you end up losing your lawsuit due to unforeseen circumstances, you don’t have to pay us back at all.

What If I Reach the Maximum Amount I Can Receive?

You shouldn’t think of the maximum amount as a limiting factor. The maximum amount is simply how much we can give at one time. If you need additional funding down the road for whatever reason, you can always apply more than once.

There is no limit to the amount of pre-settlement loans you can apply for. It’s common for many people to get a second round of funding if their lawsuits take especially long to settle. You can get as many as you like, provided that you can qualify for them.

Is It Easy to Apply for Pre-Settlement Loans?

Whether you’re applying for the first time or second, the application process remains the same and very straightforward. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill out an application and provide all the information necessary.
  2. Submit your application and wait for our team to review it.
  3. If approved, receive your funds fast.

You can receive all the funding you need in as little as 24 hours. We know that financial matters are time-sensitive. Therefore, we won’t waste any of your time during the application process so that you can get your money as quickly as possible.

How You Can Spend Your Pre-Settlement Legal Funds

One of the top questions about pre-settlement legal funding is how that money can be used. However, unlike specially-designated loans like medical funding, there is no set way that you must spend pre-settlement legal funding.

It’s your money as soon as it enters your bank account, and you can use it for any expenses that crop up. Common ways of spending pre-settlement loans include:

  • Paying your rent or mortgage
  • Covering daily costs like food and gas
  • Repairing or replacing damaged property
  • Replacing income you have lost due to injury
  • Any other necessary expenses

Even better, pre-settlement legal funding is usually not taxable. Since it comes out of your eventual compensation package in your lawsuit, it gets treated as part of that (non-taxed) compensation. One exception to this is if you use your pre-settlement loan to make investments. Those investments would get taxed as usual.

Cases That Qualify You for Pre-Settlement Loans

Claimants in many types of lawsuits might be eligible for pre-settlement legal funding. As long as you stand to win compensation through negotiation or trial, you qualify to receive pre-settlement funds. Some of Tribeca Lawsuit Loans’ previous clients have had cases like:

  • Employment law disputes
  • Qui tam or whistleblower cases
  • Car accident claims
  • Medical malpractice injuries
  • Lawsuits involving the Jones Act
  • Defective drugs lawsuits
  • Faulty or improperly manufactured product cases

We also deal exclusively with clients who are represented by legal counsel. So, when it comes time for repayment after your lawsuit, your lawyer will simply write us a check for repayment out of the compensation you receive. That’s a good policy for many reasons, including the fact that you won’t have to worry about monthly payments or defaulting on the debt.

Also, it’s simply good practice to have an attorney on your side. Studies show that clients who get represented by experienced legal counsel often receive more compensation than those who choose to represent themselves. In addition, the opposing side in your lawsuit will likely take advantage of you if you do not have an attorney fighting for the compensation you deserve.

Fill Out Your Application Today for Free

While we can’t say for sure just how much the maximum amount is that you can receive for your pre-settlement loan, it may be as much as $1,000,000. Even better, applying is completely free. Fill out the easy-to-use form on our Apply Now page or contact us to get the process started. Our team will work to approve your request as quickly as possible.

Don’t let the other side in your lawsuit use your financial vulnerability to force you into a settlement that doesn’t meet your needs. Instead, get pre-settlement legal funding now and give your attorney time to fight for a just arrangement. The team at Tribeca is here to help you throughout the entire process.

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