Paragard IUD Lawsuit Loans

Ongoing complaints of breakage and serious injury have led many women across the US to file Paragard IUD lawsuits against the manufacturer Cooper Surgical. With cases pending and no trial dates set yet, the litigation process can take years to get injured women the money they need.

Legal funding can help plaintiffs cover costs while settlement negotiations progress. With more money in your bank account from a Paragard IUD lawsuit loan, you can allow your attorney the time they need to strike a deal that gives you the compensation you are owed.

How Paragard IUD Pre-Settlement Funding Can Help Fund Your Lawsuit

The main purpose of lawsuit lending is to provide you with the money you need for your living expenses while your case settles or resolves in court. Unlike other types of lending, such as medical funding, there are no restrictions on how you can spend your lawsuit loan. For example, you might use the cash for:

  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Legal expenses
  • Medical bills
  • Food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and other necessities
  • Replacement for lost income due to your injuries

In addition to simply covering your costs, lawsuit loans also allow you and your attorney to combat the pressure put on you by the pharmaceutical companies. These corporations have lots of resources and can pay the cost of dragging out litigation. Their hope is that you will feel financially pressured into settling for a lowball offer. With lawsuit loans, you can ease that stress.

Advantages of Paragard IUD Lawsuit Loans

So, why get legal funding rather than a simple loan from a bank? There are plenty of reasons. One of the most important is that pre-settlement funding is considered non-recourse debt. This means that the most we can take as repayment is your collateral (which is the agreed-upon portion of your compensation package). Your personal finances are safe!

Another important advantage of Paragard IUD lawsuit financing is that you are not on the hook for repayment if you lose your case. If you don’t get compensation, you don’t have to pay us back! With a bank loan, you’ll most likely have to sign up for monthly payments regardless of how your lawsuit ends.

How Is Paragard IUD Legal Funding Regulated?

Different states have different regulations regarding pre-settlement funding. Since Tribeca operates in a range of states nationwide, we are familiar with some of the most stringent lawsuit loan regulations. We always operate according to federal and local laws as well as industry best practices.

Some of these practices include:

  • Only charging simple interest, never compound
  • Being upfront with all fees
  • Staying within the federal and state limits for interest rates
  • Offering non-recourse lending only

We’re able to extend financing to class-action suits like the Paragard IUD case because we follow these and similar rules. Tribeca thinks no one should have to end their case early because they can’t afford to wait.

Getting a Paragard IUD Lawsuit Loan

Our process is quick and easy, not to mention free. Here’s a short breakdown of how you can get your Paragard IUD pre-settlement funding.

  • Step One: Fill out our free online application.
  • Step Two: Our team evaluates your case details.
  • Step Three: If approved, you’ll sign an agreement.
  • Step Four: Have the money in your bank account in as little as 24 hours!

Once you have your Paragard IUD lawsuit cash advance, you can spend it however you need. When your lawsuit concludes, your attorney will write us a check out of the compensation package and you keep the rest.

What Do I Need to Do to Qualify?

You only need two things before you apply for a Paragard IUD lawsuit loan. You need to have a lawsuit related to this matter, and you need to have a lawyer on your side. If you have these, congratulations! You’re ready to fill out the application.

We will speak with you and your lawyer about your case to determine its strength and value, then deliver you a loan package that meets your needs. We only reject cases if the case has problematic legal issues that could make you lose your case. That’s why we have a 94% acceptance rate!

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Tribeca is ready to extend lawsuit loans up to $1 million to qualified cases, and you could get approval in just 24 hours! Remember, applying is free, so there’s no reason to hesitate. See how much you can get for your Paragard IUD lawsuit.

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