America Lawsuit Loans Reviews | Is It Legit?

Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, America Lawsuit Loans is a popular legal funding company that serves clients across the United States. We featured it in our list of top lawsuit loan companies in the U.S. in 2021, but is it really a good option for your needs?

Apart from your needs, you also want to make sure a funding company is legit. Use this more comprehensive look to determine whether you should get funding from America Lawsuit Loans. While we appreciate its history of lending, there are some issues that may make you think twice.

woman entering customer review on cell phone
A woman entering a customer review on a cell phone. Use our review of America Lawsuit Loans to determine whether this funding company is legit and worth five stars.

The America Lawsuit Loans Lending Process

Much like our process, America Lawsuit Loans offers free applications and does not require a credit check. After you apply, the process usually involves several key steps.

  • You can get the money you need in as little as 24 hours.
  • There are no restrictions on how the loan is used.
  • Once your lawsuit resolves, you get compensation.
  • Your attorney sends the agreed-upon repayment amount to America Lawsuit Loans out of that compensation package.

The company helps plaintiffs in a wide variety of lawsuits, including commercial litigation, employment or labor law disputes, personal injury claims, and more. As long as you are the plaintiff, or the individual who stands to win compensation, you should be eligible for legal funding.

Some Reservations About America Lawsuit Loans

Though they have a good reputation in general, there are some aspects of America Lawsuit Loans that we have reservations about. For starters, we prefer when a lender is a member of trade associations or ethical guideline organizations, such as the American Legal Finance Association (ALFA). This can help build trust and ensure that the company is ethical.

Unfortunately, America Lawsuit Loans doesn’t say whether the company is a part of any such association. Furthermore, there aren’t many customer reviews online. The company’s Trustpilot profile has a single five-star review, with an adjusted rating of 3.7. But that isn’t enough to truly determine the quality or legitimacy of a lender.

The Perks of Pre-Settlement Funding

Despite downsides and questions of legitimacy, there are some good reasons to pursue legal funding from a lender like America Lawsuit Loans. Some of the benefits of pre-settlement funding include:

  • Not being locked into monthly payment plans
  • Not having to pay back your cash advance if you lose your case
  • Having the lender work directly with your attorney for repayment

Unlike other forms of lending, such as bank loans, the type of legal funding provided by us and by America Lawsuit Loans is non-recourse funding. This means that the lender is restricted in how they can pursue repayment. They can’t touch your personal finances and can’t seize any collateral apart from the agreed-upon portion of your compensation package.

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