Top Lawsuit Funding Companies in the US

Top Lawsuit Funding Companies in the US

What Are The Best Lawsuit Funding Companies in the US?

There are many companies now giving ‘lawsuit loans’. This can make it hard for plaintiffs to know where to go for a cash advance. We’ve reviewed them all and made a list of the best lawsuit loan companies to make this choice easier for you.

We have prepared this guide to the best case funding companies in the nation to help you choose a settlement loan company for your lawsuit. We hope to help you find the pre-settlement legal lender who can help you best achieve justice – even if it’s not us.

10 of the Best Lawsuit Loan Companies

If you need a lawsuit loan, it’s critical that you work with a legal finance company of integrity that protects your interests — not just their bottom line.

Here are the 10 top-rated lawsuit funding companies in the U.S.:

  1. Tribeca Lawsuit Loans – (866) 388-2288
  2. Mayfair Legal Funding – (888) 357-1338
  3. Smart Lawsuit Funding – (855) 581-9255
  4. US Claims – (877) 872-5246
  5. America Lawsuit Loans – (888) 335-3537
  6. Direct Legal Funding – (866) 941-5588
  7. Legal Bay – (877) 571-0405
  8. DRB Capital – (877) 300-1674
  9. Peachtree Financial Solutions – (866) 581-6225
  10. Liberty Settlement Funding – (855) 643-0333


We’ve covered the following:

  • What a normal lawsuit loan application process looks like.
  • What to look for in the top lawsuit settlement funding companies with the lowest rate.
  • Red flags you should be aware of.

Now, let’s take a closer look at our 10 top-rated lawsuit funding companies in the U.S.


1. Tribeca Lawsuit Loans – (866) 388-2288

Headquartered in New York and Los Angeles, Tribeca Capital Group is a reputable and prominent pre-settlement funding company run by Rory Donadio. They help plaintiffs through financial hardship during expensive trials.

Tribeca’s settlement loans are 100% risk-free, as they are structured as non-recourse loans. This means you only pay back the cash advance when you win your case and have received the settlement.

Tribeca deals with nearly every type of lawsuit and is always happy to find a way to help you. Therefore, each case is assessed individually. This legal finance company offers low interest rates and speak directly with your lawyer, and the application process is simple and fast. Within 24 hours, they can have a cash advance paid out to you.

Attorney at Law Magazine agrees: Tribeca Lawsuit Loans Rated #1 for Better Lawsuit Loans.

2. Mayfair Legal Funding – (888) 357-1338

Mayfair Legal Funding stands as a premier provider in pre-settlement funding, having successfully funded millions to injured victims in their pursuit of justice. With an impressive 90%+ approval rate, Mayfair ensures that financial burdens don’t stand in the way of rightful claims.

Their process is straightforward: submit an application, let their expert team liaise with your attorney, and once approved, receive your funds securely within 24 hours.

3. Smart Lawsuit Funding – (855) 581-9255

Smart Lawsuit Funding is a leading choice for lawsuit settlement loans, offering financial relief to plaintiffs awaiting their case settlements. With the promise to determine qualification within 12 hours, they provide a swift solution to pay bills, purchase essentials, or cover medical procedures.

They cover a wide range of cases, from personal injury and civil rights to workers’ compensation and sexual harassment. The company stands out with its commitment to speed, efficiency, and affordability, ensuring plaintiffs have the financial support they need while their case is ongoing. If the lawsuit doesn’t result in a settlement, clients owe nothing, making the process risk-free.

4. US Claims – (877) 872-5246

According to USClaims funding reviews, this is one of the best settlement funding companies because, with over 20 years of experience, they were one of the first. Legal lending is still a young industry, and USClaims was there from the beginning. This is a friendly company with excellent client service. They offer settlement loans for a variety of cases, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Surgery funding
  • Dog bite injuries
  • Premises liability
  • Slip and fall accidents

Their pre-settlement funding can be used to pay your household bills or cover any legal expenses you have. You can receive the lawsuit funding loan within 24 hours, with the exception of the weekend.

5. America Lawsuit Loans – (888) 335-3537

America Lawsuit Loans is a Florida-based legal finance company. They offer cash advances on their client’s future lawsuit settlement packages. Like every company on this list, their lawsuit loans need only to be paid back when you win your case.

Approval of a lawsuit loan happens in 24 hours. They specialize in a large range of different cases, including product liability, personal injury, car accidents, and employment cases. They do not perform credit checks, and the approval depends solely on the individual cases.

Direct Legal Funding is a New York-based litigation funding company that helps with cash advances when you are facing a lawsuit. Direct Legal Funding will speak to your lawyer to assess if you are eligible.

They deal with cases of personal injuries, car accidents, and workers’ compensation. They operate on a no-win-no-fee basis.

Legal Bay is a New Jersey-based pre-settlement funding company. Helping injured parties with legal funding when facing a lawsuit so you can pay your bills or cover expensive legal fees. They will speak to your attorney to determine whether you are eligible for financing.

Legal Bay deals with various different cases, including wrongful imprisonment, sexual harassment, and wrongful death, to name a few. They have a simple online application form, and they approve legal funding in 24 hours.

8. DRB Capital  – (877) 300-1674

Based out of Delray Beach, Florida, DRB Capital helps with structured settlements and is specialized in annuities. They deal with lawsuits related to personal Injury, medical malpractice and others.

DRB Capital has an excellent reputation on multiple independent review platforms and has been in business for over a decade strong.

9. Peachtree Financial Solutions – (866) 581-6225

Based in Pennsylvania, Peachtree Financial Solutions is a legal finance company that provides loans to people facing lawsuits using their future settlements as the loan’s collateral. The lending amount depends on the value of your potential settlement. They will deal with your lawyer directly, who will then need to fill out the claim form, after which a contract will be sent to them.

Peachtree Financial Solutions deals mainly with product liability, personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and premises liability claims. They approve loans within 24 hours, and they can have the money in your bank account in up to 3 days, depending on the amount.

10. Liberty Settlement Funding – (855) 643-0333

Liberty Settlement Funding is a Florida-based personal injury funding company. They help people in financial need with pre-settlement funding to pay their regular expenses on top of potential medical bills and an expensive lawsuit. They will look at your individual case and cater to your specific needs.

This litigation funding company has a quick approval procedure and can have funds paid out within 24 hours. They have experience with premises liability, work injuries, product liability, Jones Act cases, medical malpractice, road accident cases, and many more.

Make The Right Choice

At Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, we help plaintiffs resist the delays and lowball offers from defense attorneys so they can win the compensation they deserve. We welcome your questions before, during, and after the loan application process. You can contact us online or give us a call at (866) 388-2288. A friendly team member will be happy to assist you!

You can apply for a lawsuit loan by phone or visit our Apply Now page to get started! Soon, the financial pressure will ease so you can get the compensation your case deserves.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re considering taking out a lawsuit loan, you’ll have some specific questions about these legal funding companies. Here are some of the most common questions we find our clients asking:

What attributes do the top lawsuit funding companies have in common?

Below are the 30 most important attributes to consider when deciding what constitutes a top lawsuit loan company:

  1. Reputation: Look for a company with positive reviews and a good standing in the industry.
  2. Transparency: The company should be upfront about all fees, interest rates, and the process for acquiring funds.
  3. Interest Rates: Some companies may charge excessively high interest rates. Understand these rates before committing.
  4. Experience: Companies with more experience are likely to have a smoother process and can provide better advice.
  5. Professionalism: The company’s staff should be respectful, courteous, and professional in their dealings.
  6. Quick Approval: Check how quickly the company can process your application and provide funds.
  7. No Hidden Fees: Some companies might charge hidden fees. Make sure the company discloses all fees upfront.
  8. Ethics: The company should operate ethically and legally at all times.
  9. Customer Service: A company with good customer service can be beneficial in guiding you through the process.
  10. No Prepayment Penalty: Some companies charge a fee if you pay back the loan early. Look for one that doesn’t.
  11. Confidentiality: Your personal information should be kept confidential and secure.
  12. Clear Contracts: All terms and conditions should be spelled out clearly in the contract.
  13. Payment Terms: The company should clearly state their payment terms and conditions.
  14. Financial Stability: The company should have a strong financial foundation to ensure they can fund your loan.
  15. References: They should be able to provide you with references or testimonials from previous clients.
  16. Availability: The company should be reachable when you need them, providing timely and accurate information.
  17. No Out-Of-Pocket Costs: Look for a company that does not require you to pay any fees out of pocket.
  18. No Employment Verification: Some companies don’t require employment verification, which can speed up the process.
  19. Size of Advances: The company should be able to provide the amount of money you need.
  20. Case Type Specialization: Some companies specialize in specific case types. Make sure the company has experience with your type of case.
  21. Accessible Application Process: The application process should be straightforward and easy to navigate.
  22. Communication: They should communicate effectively and keep you updated throughout the loan process.
  23. Honesty: The company should be honest and not promise things they can’t deliver.
  24. Competitive Pricing: Compare the pricing of different companies to ensure you get a fair deal.
  25. Location: The company should operate in your state or region.
  26. Legal Expertise: The company should have a strong understanding of the legal process to provide accurate advice.
  27. Time in Business: Companies that have been in business longer are generally more reliable.
  28. Regulation Compliance: The company should comply with all relevant regulations and laws in your area.
  29. Flexibility: Look for a company that can work with unique situations or cases.
  30. Collaborative Attitude: The company should be willing to work closely with your attorney to streamline the process.

How much interest do the best lawsuit loan companies charge?

The top lawsuit loan companies will typically charge a low interest rate between 1-6% per month, non-compounding. Some companies advertise their rates, others don’t.

How much fees do the best lawsuit loan companies charge?

The top lawsuit loan companies won’t charge any fee! However for smaller cases there may be a $100 fee, or possibly up to a $300. Always be sure to read the fine print and ask for any fees upfront so that you can make an informed decision. Get this information in writing!

What types of cases can you get a lawsuit loan for?

You can get a lawsuit loan for many different types of cases, depending on the company you choose and what they offer.

Common cases that you can get a lawsuit loan for are personal injury, premises liability, police brutality, wrongful death and more. assault & battery, medical malpractice, dog bites, auto accidents, workplace discrimination, workplace harassment, wrongful termination, unpaid wages, Qui Tam / whistleblower, FELA claims, Jones Act claims, construction accidents, non-medical product liability, defective medical devices, dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, settled claims, dram shop claims, and workers’ compensation.

How do I find the lowest-cost pre-settlement funding company?

You can find the lowest-cost pre-settlement funding for your case by keeping the following factors in mind:

  • Interest rates: Some companies will charge different interest rates depending on your credit score and how strong they feel your case to be. Be wary of compound interest rates that can result in larger repayments.
  • Maximum principal loan amount: The higher the cash advance you get, the more you have to repay. Talk to funding companies to find out how much money they think you’ll need in pre-settlement funding. Avoid borrowing more money than you need for your expenses.
  • Additional fees, if any: Always read the fine print. Some companies may have hidden fees for costs like underwriting, document preparation, and delivery. These surcharges can add up to a hefty sum that will reduce your compensation.
  • Percentage versus flat-rate fees: Some companies may charge the same amount for similar transactions. Others may charge a percentage based on the number of documents or transactions conducted.

Always ask your licensed funding company to provide a comprehensive breakdown of all their fees, including how often these fees are applied. This will help you save thousands of dollars in unforeseen charges on your lawsuit loan.

Where can I find pre-settlement loans near me?

You can find pre-settlement loans near you by looking up the terms “lawsuit loan company” or “pre-settlement funding company” online. Search engines will typically display nearby pre-settlement funding companies on the first results page.

If you’ve already looked up “pre-settlement loans near me”, but want to know more about a company’s reputation, check established review sites like TrustPilot. These provide testimonials and helpful feedback from actual customers that won’t hold back on criticism.

These review sites also indicate how long a company has been lending, the average amount that clients get in loans, and whether they’ve had trouble repaying their cash advances. Tribeca Lawsuit Loans confidently points to our TrustPilot with no reservations because of our multiple benefits and consistently high ratings.

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans has been offering pre-settlement funding for 30 years, providing excellent customer service and flexible lending policies on a case-to-case basis. We do not require a credit score check, have no hidden fees, and offer free case consultations before you apply for a loan.

We offer loans of up to $2 million for different personal injury lawsuits across multiple states. Check out our TrustPilot page and see for yourself why we’re one of America’s top lawsuit funding companies.

Tribeca proudly provides pre-settlement legal funding to most of the United States, including:

What is a Lawsuit Loan Cash Advance?

There are many terms for pre-settlement funding companies and the lawsuit loans they offer. While the words change, the essence of litigation funding remains the same. It acts as a risk-free cash advance on future compensation for your lawsuit case. Legal finance companies use your future settlement as the collateral on the lawsuit loan, giving you access today to the funds you will win when the case settles.

How Can Lawsuit Loans Be Risk-Free?

Lawsuit loans should always be structured as non-recourse loans. A non-recourse loan is very different from typical loans like home loans, car loans, and credit. A lawsuit loan uses your future compensation as the loan’s collateral. Because the loan is non-recourse, your future compensation is the sole source of money that can be used to repay the loan. Your income, assets, and property can never be attached to repay a lawsuit loan. The lender has no recourse to access your personal finances. In fact, if you don’t win your case, you don’t have to repay the loan!

This is why litigation funding companies say lawsuit loans are “risk-free.” Your personal finances are at no risk with a non-recourse loan.

When and How Do I Repay It Back?

Because a lawsuit loan is a non-recourse loan, there is no need to make any payment until your settlement is funded. At that point, the system of repayment is simple:

  • Your attorney receives a check for the total compensation.
  • Your attorney cuts a check for the agreed-upon portion to repay the loan and sends it to the legal finance company.
  • Your attorney deducts their fees and sends you the balance.

Repaying the loan from a pre-settlement funding company is really that simple.

I Have Bad Credit. Can I Still Get a Lawsuit Loan?

Because lawsuit loans are non-recourse, your credit rating, income, property, and other assets should have no effect on whether you qualify for the loan. The best pre-settlement funding companies will never ask you for sensitive financial information because it has no part in repaying your loan.

If a legal finance company asks to run a credit report or investigates your finances, something is wrong. Either their loans are not structured as non-recourse, or they intend to sell your personal information. Either way — run!

How Will Interest Rates Be Calculated on a Lawsuit Loan?

Most litigation funding companies charge interest on their lawsuit loans. However, some legal financing companies advertise that they charge no interest at all. They charge a “fixed fee” instead. This is your cue to grab your wallet and read the fine print. This pay structure will eat right through your future compensation and may leave you with nothing.

They will charge only a simple, non-compounding interest rate. When speaking to you and your lawyer, a settlement funding company will assess your loan application on a case-by-case basis. They will determine the probability of winning and how much your settlement might be. Depending on these factors, the funding company will set an interest rate and explain it to you clearly.

Most reputable litigation funding companies will not charge one base interest rate. After consulting with your lawyer and before signing any official documents, you should know exactly what the interest is that they are charging you.

They should explain everything about the pre-settlement loan and interest rate in easy-to-understand language. This is critical, especially with the terms and conditions. There should be no hidden fees. The lender should be willing to help you with any questions you have about the loan and the application process.

If a legal lender is being difficult or pressuring you into signing when you do not fully understand the terms and conditions, find another institution. It can be very damaging to enter into a contract without fully understanding the details.

Will a Pre-settlement Funding Company Work Directly With My Lawyer?

They will always ask to speak to the lawyer representing you. If the company you’re considering doesn’t, it may be a good idea to consider a different firm.

Your attorney has vital information that a litigation funding company needs to fully understand your specific need and facilitate an appropriate loan for you. In addition, your lawyer is crucial in helping the legal lender evaluate how much pre-settlement funding to offer you.

This matters a great deal because if you’re aiming to find the best lawsuit loan, you’ll want to ensure that you come out of the entire experience with a significant portion of your compensation intact. Unfortunately, too many litigation funding companies are happy to let you run through your entire settlement just to repay a larger loan than necessary. If the company’s sole concern is making as much money as possible, they are not looking out for your best interest, and you need to work with someone else.

Do I Need an Attorney to Get a Lawsuit Loan?

The pre-settlement funding companies will require that you have legal representation for your lawsuit. This protects both the lender’s interests and your own. Studies repeatedly show that experienced litigation attorneys are far more likely to win a case than individuals who represent themselves. The trained lawyer also consistently wins far higher compensation than those who represent themselves.

How Complicated is a Lawsuit Loan Application Process?

We have simplified our lawsuit loan applications to just three simple steps:

  • You Apply: You provide your contact information and your attorney’s, the type of lawsuit you have, and the state where you are suing.
  • Application Evaluation: The legal finance company’s underwriters contact your attorney, crunch the numbers and determine the loan to offer.
  • Get Funded: Once all the loan documents have been signed, the litigation funding company will deposit your money into your account.

A critical point to consider when applying for a lawsuit loan. The best pre-settlement funding companies will charge no upfront fees. If there is a fee to apply or to process your loan application, this is not a company you should be doing business with.

How Quickly Can the Pre-Settlement Cash Advance Be Paid Out?

The average cost of a car accident in the U.S. is $78,900. Bills need to get paid, and legal finance companies know that time is of the essence. Therefore when all the legal documents have been signed, cash advances will be transferred usually within 24 hours. Reliable settlement funding companies will make sure the transfer is completed swiftly.

However, when you are in financial distress, it is easy to mistake “fast” legal lending for “good.” Therefore, look beyond the promised speed of a legal finance company to truly judge their quality.

What Qualities Make for the Best Lawsuit Loan Companies?

Legal lending is an honorable profession that helps people achieve the compensation they deserve. However, not all legal finance companies are reputable. There are plenty of sharks out there just looking to make a fast buck. When seeking out lenders, look for institutions that do (or don’t do) the following:

  • Charge simple, non-compounding interest rates.
  • Do not charge a “fixed fee.”
  • Do not charge application or processing fees.
  • Do not charge e-signature fees.
  • Do not charge excessive delivery and handling fees.
  • Do not charge brokerage fees.
  • Communicate well with your attorney.
  • Answer your questions clearly and in full.
  • Fund quickly, but never rush you to commit to a loan.
  • Have excellent reviews from previous clients.

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