Louisiana Lawsuit Loans

Plaintiffs in Louisiana lawsuits may end up waiting for months or years before getting the compensation they deserve. Luckily, Tribeca Lawsuit Loans can help personal injury victims throughout the state, including the largest cities like New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Metairie, Lafayette, and the surrounding areas.

You can get up to $1 million in your bank account after getting approved by Tribeca Lawsuit Loans. Fill out the free form on our Apply Now page to get started on a Louisiana personal injury lawsuit loan, or call our office at (866) 388-2288 for more information.

Louisiana Lawsuit Loan Eligibility

Dealing with a lawsuit can be an immensely challenging and difficult time, especially when you need access to cash fast. Instead of caving to the insurance company and accepting a lowball settlement, our Louisiana lawsuit loans can help give you the push forward to continue your fight for a settlement that covers all of the damages you sustained.

To be eligible for our lawsuit loans in Louisiana, you need to provide the following information:

  • How you got injured and the type of injury sustained
  • Estimated amount of your settlement
  • Basic information from you and your lawyer
  • The amount of money you need

That is all the information you are required to provide to be eligible. Once we review your application and the information you provided, we will notify you of approval. Upon approval, you will get the money you requested. Don’t worry about your credit score or other financial information. The only thing that matters to be eligible for a Louisiana lawsuit loan is the information listed above.

What Types of Cases Qualify for Louisiana Lawsuit Loans?

Tribeca funds a wide variety of cases, so you may be eligible regardless of what kind of lawsuit you have. Some of our previous clients include those with claims like:

  • Product liability
  • Car accidents
  • Faulty drugs or medical devices
  • Medical malpractice
  • Employment or labor law disputes
  • Whistleblower protection violations
  • Sexual abuse
  • Mass tort

We also require our clients to be represented by an attorney before receiving a Louisiana lawsuit loan. This is for our protection as well as yours, since having a lawyer on your side makes you much more statistically likely to receive the compensation you deserve.

How Can I Use My Louisiana Lawsuit Loan?

We don’t restrict you on how you decide to use your Louisiana lawsuit loan. Typically, personal injury victims spend the money they receive on urgent financial obligations, including the following.

Medical Expenses

Even with health insurance, medical care isn’t cheap. Just one night in the hospital can rack up thousands of dollars in bills. You can use the funds you receive in your lawsuit loan to pay off your medical expenses.

Living Expenses

Getting injured won’t stop bills from coming in. If your injuries prevent you from working, you’ll quickly find it difficult to pay for your mortgage or rent, groceries, electric bills, etc. With a lawsuit settlement loan in Louisiana, you can have a financial cushion that allows you to comfortably pay your housing and living costs while you focus on your legal affairs and recovering from your injury.

Property Damages

If you suffered a car accident or your accident caused damages to your personal property, you don’t have to front the cost on your own. Our Louisiana accident loans can help you pay for any repairs, fixes, or maintenance.

Are Louisiana Lawsuit Loans Legal?

Yes! There is no regulation of lawsuit loans in Louisiana. While this is good, since it means we can provide you with the money you need, it also means you need to exercise caution. Only pursue legal funding from reputable companies like Tribeca.

Here are some factors you should consider before applying with a Louisiana lawsuit loan lender:

  • Online reviews from previous customers
  • Transparency throughout the funding process
  • Free applications
  • Easily understandable loan terms
  • Simple interest rates rather than compound interest rates

Remember, there are many predatory lenders out there looking to make money off of you with bad loan terms and high interest. Always do your research and never accept any loan offer that sounds shady or too good to be true.

Are Lawsuit Loans Safe?

This can depend on which company you go with. At Tribeca, our pre-settlement funding is completely safe and risk-free. There are no:

  • Hidden fees
  • Repayments from your personal finances
  • Wage garnishments or property seizures

Instead, repayment comes always and only from your eventual compensation package. Once your attorney receives the check for your settlement or jury award, they will send us the agreed-upon portion and you keep the rest.

Since Louisiana lawsuit loans from Tribeca are non-recourse, you never have to worry about paying us back out of your bank account. Plus, you don’t pay us back at all if you lose your case.

Other Locations Served

We proudly serve all of Louisiana, including these towns:

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After approval, we can have the money in your bank account within as little as 24 to 48 hours. If you need money now, don’t wait until the last minute to apply for a Louisiana lawsuit loan! Got questions? We’ve got the answers you need. Call our office at (866) 388-2288.

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