Minnesota Lawsuit Loans

Anyone who has been involved in a lawsuit knows that the wheels of justice can turn incredibly slowly. Amidst stall tactics from the at-fault party, court delays, and a host of other burdens, a claimant can end up waiting for years before getting the money they need and deserve. If you are in the middle of a Minnesota lawsuit, consider applying for legal funding (also called a lawsuit loan).

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans provides up to $1 million in pre-settlement funding to help you make ends meet while you wait for your rightful settlement. You can apply for FREE today by filling out our Apply Now form. Once approved, we can have the money in your bank account in as little as 48 hours.

Use your Minnesota lawsuit loan for anything you need, including rent or mortgage payments and daily costs like fuel and food. Imagine how much stress you can relieve by getting a portion of your eventual compensation package today!

Minnesota Lawsuit Loans Are Legal

Until recently, Minnesota had common-law restrictions on lawsuit funding, known as its anti-champerty laws. However, a 2020 decision by the Minnesota Supreme Court overturned this law, allowing lawsuit loan companies like Tribeca to provide clients with the money they need.

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans serves clients in a wide variety of states, many of which have much stricter laws regarding legal funding. We know how to provide lawsuit loans in a safe, secure way that doesn’t add on more risk to you and your family.

How Our Minnesota Lawsuit Loans Keep You Safe

Legal funding is classified as non-recourse debt. This means that you are not held personally liable for the loan, outside of the agreed-upon collateral (in this case, a portion of your eventual compensation package). In other words:

  • We cannot pull from your bank account when it comes time for repayment.
  • We cannot seize your collateral (such as your home, vehicle, or other property).
  • We can ONLY be repaid the agreed-upon portion of your settlement or jury award.
  • If you lose your lawsuit, you don’t pay us back at all!

Far from the champerty-related worries of previous generations, Tribeca won’t leave you worse off financially than before your lawsuit started. We aim to help you in the present without risking your future.

Who Qualifies for a Minnesota Lawsuit Loan?

As long as you are the plaintiff (or claimant) in a lawsuit, you likely are eligible for legal funding from Tribeca. We have served clients with cases like:

  • Minnesota labor law disputes
  • Car accident litigation
  • Defective product claims
  • Medical malpractice lawsuits
  • Cases related to occupational injury laws like the Jones Act or FELA
  • Whistleblower cases
  • Business lawsuits, such as intellectual property rights disputes

Apply for Your Minnesota Lawsuit Today

When you fill out the FREE form on our Apply Now page, you will be asked questions about your case, including how long it is expected to last and your estimated compensation amount. These details help us understand how much we can provide you with as a lawsuit loan. Tribeca Lawsuit Loans has a 94% approval rate, which means we are highly likely to approve your application!

If you would like to discuss the application, the lawsuit loan process, or other matters, speak with a friendly team member by dialing (866) 388-2288.

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