Rhode Island Lawsuit Loans

It’s common for the at-fault party in a lawsuit to stall proceedings so that the claimant gets desperate enough to settle for a lowball offer. While your Rhode Island litigation goes through the long, drawn-out process of settling or going to court, your bills continue to pile up. Lawsuit loans can help you pay for today’s costs while you wait for tomorrow’s compensation.

If you need cash now to cover your expenses while your case resolves, fill out the online form on our Apply Now page for free. Tribeca is able to provide Rhode Island lawsuit loans of up to $1 million to clients in need. If you have any questions about the legal funding process, repayment, or other issues related to your application, call our office at (866) 388-2288.

Rhode Island Lawsuit Loans Protect Consumers

It’s legal to enter into a legal funding arrangement in Rhode Island. However, in 2015, legislators found that many companies were providing lawsuit loans at rates that would have been unacceptable for other forms of lending. To help protect consumers, the state enacted House Bill 5762, which officially includes lawsuit loans under anti-usury laws.

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans provides litigation funding in a wide variety of states, and we adhere to all industry best practices. That includes:

  • Charging only simple interest rather than compound interest
  • Providing non-recourse loans exclusively
  • Never holding you personally liable for any loan-related debt
  • Requiring NO REPAYMENT at all if you lose your lawsuit

Who Can Get a Rhode Island Lawsuit Loan?

It’s completely free to apply for pre-settlement funding from Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, so you should always submit an application to see whether we can help you. In general, you should qualify as long as you are the plaintiff/claimant in a lawsuit and stand to receive compensation at the conclusion of your case.

Some of the case types we’ve funded in the past include:

  • Slip and fall accidents (premises liability)
  • Defective product cases
  • Medical malpractice claims
  • Car accidents and other personal injury matters
  • Business disputes (such as intellectual property lawsuits)
  • Employment or labor law violations

Your Case Determines How Much You Receive as a Rhode Island Lawsuit Loan

One of the most common questions people ask is how much money they can expect, and what determines that amount. Our underwriters look at the details of your Rhode Island lawsuit when estimating how much funding we can provide.

Factors that have an impact on the amount of pre-settlement funding we can approve in your case include the expected duration of your lawsuit, how much you expect to receive as compensation, your total damages, and any issues related to fault or liability that may reduce the amount of compensation you receive.

How Rhode Island Lawsuit Loans Are Repaid

Since our funding is non-recourse, you never have to worry about repaying a lawsuit loan from your personal bank account. Instead, the agreed-upon repayment amount is taken directly from your eventual settlement or jury award, and you keep the rest!

Your attorney will receive a check for your compensation package and will write Tribeca a repayment check out of that amount. There are no monthly fees to worry about, no risk of default, and no need to repay us at all if you end up losing your claim. That’s why we say our Rhode Island lawsuit loans are risk-free for you.

Fill Out Our Free Rhode Island Lawsuit Loan Application Today

Ready to experience freedom from financial pressure? Apply for a Rhode Island lawsuit loan today so that your attorney can continue to fight for the compensation package you truly deserve.

Call the Tribeca Lawsuit Loans office at (866) 388-2288 if you’d like to speak with a member of our team about the lending process or if you need assistance with your application.

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