South Dakota Lawsuit Loans

You can get up to $1 million as an advance on future compensation from a lawsuit by applying for a South Dakota lawsuit loan. This form of pre-settlement funding helps you and your family pay for rent, medical debt, legal fees, and daily costs while waiting for your case to resolve.

Many people turn to this option for financial help while their attorneys fight for justice. Defendants often try to stall proceedings, pressuring plaintiffs to settle for less. Legal funding can help you cover your expenses and remove this pressure of a lower settlement.

How South Dakota Lawsuit Loans Work

Legal funding is a much safer form of lending for you, the borrower. That’s because lawsuit loans in South Dakota are considered non-recourse debt. With this type of funding, you aren’t personally liable for repayment!

  • You repay us solely out of your eventual compensation package at the conclusion of your lawsuit.
  • You do not repay your lawsuit loan at all if you lose your case.
  • You do not need to submit to an invasive credit check or divulge personal finance information.

Repaying Your Legal Funding in South Dakota

Another way that this type of funding arrangement is better than a traditional loan is that repayment happens all at once, with no hassle on your part. Once your lawsuit is over, your attorney will receive a check for the total compensation amount. Then, they write our team a check for the agreed-upon portion and you keep the rest!

Unlike bank loans, you are not on the hook for confusing and stressful monthly payments, you don’t have to handle repayment yourself, and you don’t pay us back if you wind up without compensation.

How State Personal Injury Law Affects South Dakota Pre-Settlement Funding

The amount of money you can get as a South Dakota lawsuit loan is directly dependent on the details of your lawsuit. Since it’s repaid out of your settlement or jury award, the amount you stand to receive can change the amount we are able to provide.

One area in which personal injury law can affect this amount is through comparative negligence. According to South Dakota Codified Law §20-9-2, you can only recover compensation if you are at most “slightly” responsible for the incident in comparison with the party you are suing.

If our underwriters find significant reason to believe that you carry a large portion of blame, we may be unable to provide you with legal funding in South Dakota.

Who Is Eligible for Lawsuit Loans in South Dakota?

As long as you have a standing lawsuit and are the plaintiff in your case, you likely qualify to apply for pre-settlement funding. Across the nation, we have provided financial assistance and lawsuit cash advances to people with a wide variety of case types, like:

  • Car accident lawsuits
  • Medical malpractice claims
  • Cases involving labor law issues
  • Whistleblower lawsuits
  • Product liability cases

The best news is that you can apply for a South Dakota lawsuit loan completely for free via our online application form!

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