Wyoming Lawsuit Loans

A claimant in a Wyoming lawsuit involving personal injury has up to four years to file their claim, according to Wyoming Code of Civil Procedure §1-3-105. Other types of lawsuits, such as contract disputes or labor law violations, may have an even longer timeline before they must be filed.

That’s just to get the ball rolling. Once the lawsuit is filed, it can take you years before you see the money you deserve. Unfortunately, your expenses don’t cooperate with these long timelines.

If you need cash now to pay for things like rent or mortgage payments, food, medical bills, legal fees, or anything else, lawsuit loans can help you meet those costs. Apply today for FREE by clicking on our Apply Now page. You can also speak with a Tribeca Lawsuit Loans team member by dialing (866) 388-2288.

Lawsuit Loans and Wyoming Law

There is little regulation of lawsuit lending in Wyoming. This may worry some potential clients, but the fact is that Tribeca provides loans across most of the U.S. We abide by industry best practices, are fully licensed, and comply with applicable federal and state laws.

Lawsuit loans are also available to Wyoming residents who may have cases in progress out-of-state. Utah legal funding can prove critical if you have an ongoing case next door. Tribeca Lawsuit Loans offers funding for plaintiffs nationwide and can assist you wherever your case is being litigated.

Who Can Get a Lawsuit Loan in Wyoming?

As long as you are the plaintiff or claimant in a lawsuit, you likely qualify for a loan (also known as pre-settlement funding or a lawsuit cash advance). We’ve helped fund cases like:

  • Personal injury lawsuits
  • Car accident claims
  • Labor or employment law violations
  • Whistleblower or Qui tam cases
  • FELA railroad worker injury claims

How Much Your Lawsuit Loan Is Worth

Different clients may qualify for different levels of funding. We base our lending decisions NOT on your personal financial information or credit history, but on the details of your lawsuit. That’s because repayment comes solely from your eventual settlement or compensation package.

Factors that affect how much your lawsuit loan is worth include:

  • Your total damages for which you are suing
  • Jury awards in similar cases in the past
  • The estimated length of your lawsuit (i.e. how long it will last before you get your money)
  • Any issues related to fault or liability that may affect your compensation

Are Lawsuit Loans Safe?

We provide only the safest form of funding to Wyoming residents: non-recourse loans. This form of lending protects you from personal liability, meaning that we can’t touch your bank account or personal finances. We also cannot seize any of your property – the most we can take as repayment is the agreed-upon portion of your compensation package.

Here’s the best part: you do not pay us back at all if you lose your lawsuit! There’s no risk to you and you won’t end up in a worse financial situation than when you started. You’ve got nothing to lose and up to $1 million in Wyoming lawsuit loans to gain.

Get Your Money In as Little as 24 Hours After Approval

Ready to start the journey to the money you need? Fill out the FREE form on our Apply Now page. After you are approved, we can have up to $1 million in your bank account in as little as 24 hours, depending on the facts of your case.

Call the Tribeca Lawsuit Loans team at (866) 388-2288 if you’d like to speak with a team member before applying or have a question about your existing application.

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