Lawsuit Loans can help plaintiffs in Wrongful Termination

Lawsuit Loans can help plaintiffs in Wrongful Termination

Have you been fired based on illegal reasons? When you have bills to pay and other household expenses, a high-cost wrongful termination lawsuit might seem out of reach. Luckily with legal funding from Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, you can rest assured all your outgoings are covered and on top of that, your wrongful termination lawsuit is paid for. 

Legal Funding 

Legal funding is financial help during a lawsuit in the form of a cash advance. Often people are left with no income, yet still have rent or mortgage repayments, together with other household bills to pay. Legal funding will help pay for all these expenses and on top of that cover your legal costs. These pre-settlement loans are only repayable once you have received the wrongful termination settlement in your bank account. This is because the loan is non-recourse, which is different from the more traditional loan, this means if you do not win your settlement then you don’t have to pay the loan back. 

What is Wrongful Termination 

Wrongful termination is getting fired on the basis of your race, gender, religion, or national origin and it is in direct violation of the federal employment anti-discrimination laws. It is also wrongful termination if it is a direct violation of any written or verbal employment agreements, labor laws, or as a result of filing a claim or complaint against your boss. Another violation would be to lose your job as part of being sexually harassed. 

These are federal laws that each state needs to uphold. On top of that, each state has more state-specific laws that offer employees more protection. For instance, California is considered to be the most protective and inclusive state, where it is also a violation if you are fired on the basis of your medical history, genetic information, marital or military status. 

Can You Sue for Wrongful Termination? 

To sue for monetary damages in a wrongful termination lawsuit you must prove you have incurred a financial loss because of it. These damages are to compensate for the loss of earnings and benefit, non-economical damages in the form of emotional distress or anguish, your legal fees, and on top of that the punitive damages. Punitive damages vary per state, where they are only subject to certain wrongful termination claims, and some states are not available at all. 

Wrongful termination settlements can vary in value and it is not unusual for plaintiffs to get awarded anything from a few thousand to even millions of dollars. In 2013, April Rodriguez was 

fired for having a mental illness when working as a customer service representative and received $21,700,000 in a wrongful termination settlement. $20,000,000 was awarded to Trish Williams after getting fired for not agreeing with the companies sales practices that were abusive to elders. 

How fast can I get funding? 

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans can have a cash advance sent to you within 24 hours once you are approved. The pre-settlement loan application process is straight forward, contact us to start the process with one phone call. Following this, with your permission, Tribeca Lawsuit Loans will speak to your Lawyer to confirm the details of your wrongful termination lawsuit. After which Tribeca will send your pre-settlement loan to your bank account. 

Call us now on 866-388-2288 or fill out the online form to start the process. 

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