Where Can You Get Low-Interest Lawsuit Loans in Michigan?

At Tribeca, we understand that some lawsuits take months or even years to settle. We offer pre-settlement funding in the form of lawsuit loans in Michigan to help you pay your everyday expenses during this difficult time.

Accident victims know that lawsuits can take months or even years to resolve. Meanwhile, injured or financially vulnerable people are often left in the lurch, with bills continuing to pile up. This is where lawsuit loans can come into play, providing the funding you need to cover your costs while your litigation slowly proceeds.

Having lawsuit loans in Michigan also means that you have less pressure to settle for less than you deserve. You and your attorney can wait longer for the compensation you are truly owed.

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No Risk, All Reward

Lawsuit loans, also called pre-settlement funding, are designed to help people in need. Unlike other forms of lending, there is practically no risk when you take out this type of loan. The debt is non-recourse, which means Tribeca is limited in the ways we can pursue repayment.

Even if we wanted to, we CANNOT:

  • Touch your personal finances
  • Seize any of your property

Even better, you don’t owe us back at all if you end up losing your lawsuit. That’s why we can safely say this is no-risk funding!

Repaying Your Michigan Pre-Settlement Funding

Most Michigan plaintiffs considering legal funding are concerned about the repayment process. We make it simple and efficient. In fact, it requires no effort at all on your part.

When your lawsuit concludes, your lawyer will receive a check from the opposing party for the settlement or jury award amount. Then, they simply write Tribeca a check for the agreed-upon repayment amount. You keep the rest!

This way, you don’t have to worry about monthly payment plans, missing a deadline, or other stressors. You can just enjoy your money.

Who Is Eligible for a Lawsuit Loan in Michigan?

As long as you are a plaintiff in a Michigan lawsuit, you likely qualify for a lawsuit loan. Cases we’ve funded in the past include:

  • Car accident claims
  • Slip and fall accident lawsuits
  • Employment law litigation
  • Federal labor law violation disputes
  • Qui tam or whistleblower cases

Applying for a lawsuit loan is completely free, with no hidden fees. If you have a current lawsuit, fill out the form and we will get back to you on your eligibility. We also serve Michigan residents who may have an ongoing lawsuit in Ohio or any of the 50 states. Tribeca has a good track record with a more than 90% acceptance rate!

Are There Spending Restrictions on Michigan Lawsuit Loans?

There is no overarching law against lawsuit loans in Michigan. In fact, there is very little regulation at all on this type of funding within the state. At Tribeca, we serve clients across the U.S., even in areas that have harsher restrictions, so we know the best practices to abide by.

When selecting your lawsuit loan provider in Michigan, make sure they can say the same. Go with trustworthy lenders who have plenty of happy clients, like Tribeca.

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In the past, we’ve given clients anywhere from $500 to $5 million, depending on the facts of your case and how much you stand to earn as compensation. If you have questions, our friendly team members can answer them for you. Call us today at (866) 388-2288.

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