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How A Lawsuit Loan Works

The idea behind Tribeca Lawsuit Loans is that lawsuits can take time and patience. But not all plaintiffs can afford to wait around for the time it might take to win your case, then the appeal, and finally settle the case and get paid.

How long will it take before you actually get your hands on a settlement check? Months? Years? No one can answer that question for sure. That’s why the concept of lawsuit funding was invented. It gives you, the plaintiff, another option beyond endlessly waiting for the cash that’s rightly yours.

No Credit Check, No Fees, No Payback

Although we provide loans to plaintiffs, we don’t run a credit check on you. And we’ll never charge upfront fees to accept or process your application. In fact, there’s absolutely no risk to you because we’re only going to get paid back when you win your case. 

And if you don’t win, you don’t pay us back.

That’s right. You’ll get lawsuit funding without the responsibility of returning the funds if you lose your case. 

That’s because we’ll first consult with your attorney and only offer you a loan if our legal experts are convinced that you’ll win. So you know you have our confidence in your case when we cut you a check.

And that will be soon. In as little as 24 hours after we approve your loan.

But first, we’ll meet with you and your lawyers to explain the loan offer, your costs, and other details. You won’t sign up with us until you’re sure.

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Always Consult Your Lawyer

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