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At Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, we offer immediate pre-settlement funding in The Garden State of New Jersey at competitive interest rates to meet the needs of those currently in personal injury lawsuits.

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If you are a plaintiff in a pending lawsuit, you know that the process often takes a long time.

It’s normal to be frustrated as bills and expenses continue to pile up, and you still have not received the compensation you are owed.

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans offers a simple, safe way out of this predicament: a New Jersey lawsuit loan, also known as pre-settlement legal funding, or cash advance against your future settlement.

If you need money now, don’t hesitate to apply for one of our New Jersey personal injury lawsuit loans today. Fill out our free application on our Apply Now page and our team will take over from there.

We supply anywhere from $500 to $2,000,000 in as little as 24 hours after approval. For more information, call our office at (866) 388-2288.

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Qualifying for a Lawsuit Loan in New Jersey

Our application process is extremely simple. We aim to make applying for a loan easy for everyone. All you need to do is the following:

  • Complete our online application and fill out all of the information required
  • Wait for our team to review your application
  • Upon approval, get the money you need fast

It really is that easy. All we need to know are the details and facts surrounding your case, how much money you need, the estimated value of your settlement, and basic contact information for you and your attorney. Once you get the money, you’re free to use it as you wish. We don’t restrict anyone on how they want to spend their New Jersey lawsuit loan.

How Much Does a New Jersey Lawsuit Loan Cost?

Lawsuits vary widely in their complexities, degrees of damage, and fact patterns. These factors and more play a role in determining how much pre-settlement funding we can offer you and how much it will cost. Until we evaluate the specifics of your case, we cannot answer these questions. However, we can assure you that, unlike predatory lenders, Tribeca will:

  • Charge a simple, non-compounding interest rate
  • Charge no fees
  • Detail all costs upfront
  • Write a contract that’s easy to understand
  • Answer all your questions by a real person

Our team is here to help you get the money you need. The last thing we want is to become another source of financial strain, so please don’t stress. Applying with us for a lawsuit settlement loan in New Jersey to see your options costs you nothing! There are no strings or risks attached whatsoever.

What Cases Qualify for New Jersey Lawsuit Loans

As long as you are the plaintiff in an ongoing lawsuit, your case should qualify for a New Jersey lawsuit loan from Tribeca. We fund claims that stem from the following types of cases:

Additionally, we only fund clients who are represented by an attorney or law firm. Studies have shown that you are more likely to earn a significant compensation package if you have experienced legal representation on your side. A New Jersey lawsuit loan can help you see that justice is served.

Are Lawsuit Loans in New Jersey Legal?

Yes! Lawsuit loans in New Jersey are a legal tool that many New Jersey lawsuit plaintiffs have taken advantage of in your situation. This type of legal funding is a form of non-recourse debt, so your finances are protected from overreach when it comes time for repayment.

If you’re looking for a New Jersey lawsuit loan near you, rest assured that Tribeca can help. We serve clients in major cities across the Garden State, including Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Toms River, and beyond.

What is a Non-Recourse Loan?

Pre-settlement funding like accident loans, personal injury loans, or other legal lending uses your future case settlement as the loan collateral in a non-recourse loan. We, your lender, have no recourse to any money other than the settlement that is your collateral. This means that the lawsuit settlement is the sole source of money that can be used to repay the loan. Your income, property, or assets can never be touched to repay the loan.

In this way, legal lending like New Jersey settlement loans carries no risk for the borrower. In fact, should you lose your case, you won’t owe us a dime. Because your personal finances play no role in repaying a New Jersey lawsuit loan, our application includes:

  • NO income verification
  • NO employment check
  • NO credit check
  • NO asset evaluation

We will never see a cent of your money, so we have no need to invade your financial privacy.

How We Determine the Amount of Your New Jersey Accident Loan

Tribeca is able to fund up to $1 million in some cases. Our underwriters determine how much we can safely provide you with based on a variety of factors. These include:

  • How much compensation you are seeking
  • The total value of your damages
  • The expected duration of your lawsuit

Because your lawsuit settlement is the sole source of funds to repay your New Jersey settlement loan, we don’t base our decision on your personal financial situation, credit score, or other factors related to your bank account. The amount is determined by the details of your lawsuit because lawsuit loans are repaid solely out of your eventual compensation.

How Long Does It Take to Get Lawsuit Settlement Loans in New Jersey?

In many cases, Tribeca Lawsuit Loans can have cash in your bank account in as little as 24 to 24 hours after we approve your application. That approval process is unique to each client, so it may take longer for you.

No matter where you are in New Jersey, our team is always nearby to assist — just call or email us to get started. We have the tools and resources to help any New Jersey resident get the money they need during this challenging time. Never let the insurance company get you to settle for less than what you deserve!

Win a Bigger Settlement with a New Jersey Lawsuit Loan

You can use your New Jersey lawsuit loan to cover your current expenses as you wait for your suit to settle. The great news is that legal funding can actually help you to get a better settlement.

Legal proceedings take time, but insurance companies and legal teams for big companies deliberately stall, dragging out lawsuits for months and sometimes years. Their goal is to let your mounting financial stress force you to settle your claim for some money now rather than hold out for the full compensation a fair settlement or jury award would amount to.

With a settlement loan in New Jersey, you can meet your expenses and continue to fight for what’s right. Lawsuit settlement loans in New Jersey can tide you over, empowering you to continue to fight for just compensation. As a New Jersey lender, we help clients throughout the state pay for expenses today while they wait for tomorrow’s settlement or jury award.

Locations Served

We proudly serve all of New Jersey state, including these fine cities:

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If you are feeling the pressure of mounting bills while your lawsuit slowly drags on, a New Jersey Lawsuit Loan from Tribeca Lawsuit Loans might be the answer you’ve been searching for. You only pay us back if you win your claim, so there is no risk to you or your personal finances. Apply today for free or call our office at (866) 388-2288 with any questions.

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