Newport News Lawsuit Loans

Legal battles are expensive, and a Newport News lawsuit loan can help you cover the expenses you’ll face during yours. Instead of worrying about how to pay for medical bills, rent or mortgage payments, or your living expenses, you’ll be able to pay for them from your settlement.

Newport News pre-settlement funding gives you access to money from your future payout, which you might not receive in full for months or years in the future. Many plaintiffs simply can’t wait for this money, and with our help, you won’t need to.

How Do Newport News Lawsuit Loans Work?

Newport News lawsuit loans work differently than other types of loans you might be more familiar with. For one, the only collateral that’s involved is your settlement itself, not any of your personal assets. This means that your finances are never at risk with settlement loans because they’re considered to be a form of non-recourse debt.

With pre-settlement funding in Newport News, you’ll be able to borrow against the expected value of your future settlement. This can allow you to tap into funding that you might otherwise miss out on if you were forced to settle early. Once you win your settlement, you’ll pay back your loan, but if you lose, you won’t owe anything.

What Types of Cases Are Covered by Newport News Legal Funding?

Lawsuit loans can be used in a wide variety of cases, including the following:

  • Car accidents
  • Personal injury cases
  • Medical malpractice
  • Defective devices
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Premises liability
  • Wrongful death

If your case isn’t listed here, you may still qualify for a pre-settlement loan. Contact our office to see if your case is covered by our team.

How Much Do Newport News Lawsuit Loans Cost?

We’re unable to provide a direct estimate as to how much your Newport News pre-settlement funding will cost until you apply. However, we can say that we offer low, simple interest rates to our clients so they can take home more of their settlement. We also avoid hidden fees and make it easy for those we work with to save money.

Some unscrupulous lenders charge their clients high, compounding interest rates, like those on credit cards. Even in cases that are fairly short, this can leave plaintiffs owing much, if not all, of their settlement. Our approach is to leave our customers with as much of their settlement as possible to take home.

What Are the Requirements for Getting Approval for a Lawsuit Loan in Newport News?

There are few requirements you’ll have to meet in order to obtain a Newport News lawsuit loan. As these loans are non-recourse, they don’t require extensive checks on your credit history or employment. Your personal assets won’t be used to repay the loan, which makes qualifying for one of these in many ways much easier if you already have a lawsuit filed.

All that’s required for you to obtain lawsuit funding in Newport News are the following:

  • You’ve filed a lawsuit against an insured party
  • You’ve hired a lawyer working on a contingency basis
  • Your lawyer accepts third-party legal funding in Newport News.

So long as you meet these conditions, we’ll be able to assist you. We do need your lawyer’s permission, however, to offer you legal funding. Without this, we won’t be able to extend your lawsuit unless you convince your lawyer to work with us or find another one who wishes to.

Apply Today for a Lawsuit Loan in Newport News

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans can provide you with up to $1 million in legal funding in just 24 hours. Our application takes just minutes to complete and you could receive money in your bank account within hours. Once you receive the money, it’s yours to spend however you like, with no restrictions or repayment necessary unless you win your case.

Contact us today and apply online or by speaking with one of our agents. We offer non-recourse lawsuit loans with low, simple interest rates to put our clients in the best position to walk away with as much of their settlement as possible. Get in touch with us and we can serve as your partner to help you win the justice and settlement you deserve.

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