Assault and Battery Lawsuit Loans

Assault and battery is a terrifying experience and those who do it deserve to be punished under criminal law. Did you know you can also sue someone who attacks you criminally? It’s possible, but your lawsuit may take a long time to finish because the matter is in both the civil and criminal court systems.

If you need to pay for expenses after your assault because you can’t work or care is too expensive, reach out immediately to Tribeca. If you have a lawsuit in progress and a lawyer helping your case, we can extend financial help to you through our lawsuit loan program.

Suing Someone Could Lead to the Need for Legal Funding

When you sue someone charged with assault and battery, you have your civil case and the state has a criminal case. Depending on the cases, your lawyer may advise you to wait on the criminal case before proceeding with a civil one.

There are good legal reasons for this, but you may not afford to wait. Insurance may not cover their violent crime, but you need money now to cover your medical bills and to get therapy for your trauma. Where will you get the money?

The answer is a lawsuit loan. We can talk with your lawyer to assess your chances, then extend a loan from $500 to $1 million based on the value of your case and your odds of winning. This money can cover your expenses while you wait for your turn in court.

Why Let the Criminal Case Go First?

To win a criminal case, the state needs to prove someone is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt based on the evidence. In a civil case, they use a lower standard of proof called preponderance of the evidence. This means that if your perpetrator loses their assault and battery case, your civil case is a slam dunk.

The state may also get evidence that you and your lawyer cannot. Once it is entered into the court record, it’s available to use for your civil trial. Your lawyer could be waiting to see what the state discovers to make your civil case easier.

Your lawyer may have good reasons to wait to help you win, but you still need to cover your costs. Tribeca is ready to help you with a lawsuit loan so you don’t have to worry about your expenses. They’re especially useful if your attack left you unable to work or with a long recovery period in the hospital.

Does My Case Qualify for Pre-Settlement Funding?

Your case has a good chance of qualifying. Speak with personal injury lawyers in your area and see if they’ll take your case. If they believe you have a chance of winning and there are enough assets to make it worth a claim, then your case will probably qualify.

Tribeca requires you to have a lawyer before applying for a lawsuit loan. A lawyer gives us confidence that you have a chance of winning your case. If you lose your case, we don’t get paid. Also, a lawyer can grow your settlement amount by finding damages you haven’t considered.

If you have a case and a lawyer, reach out to us to see if your case qualifies. We can decide on most cases quickly and create a loan offer that best fits your circumstances. You can use this money for any purpose after you receive it.

Get Justice Early with a Lawsuit Loan

Seeing your attacker go to prison can be a relief, but there are still bills to pay because of it. You shouldn’t have to pay for those, nor should you wait longer than you have to. Tribeca lets you shortcut the process and get settlement money early.

To get started, contact us by phone or by email, or use the Apply Now button to set up a consultation meeting. After discussing your case with you and your lawyer, we will create a loan package just right for your case. We look forward to helping you move past your assault and battery incident.

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