How Long Does It Take to Process an Application for Legal Funding?

Everyone’s pre-settlement funding application is different, so there is no set amount of time it takes to process yours. If Tribeca has all the information we need on your lawsuit and is able to get in touch with your attorney, we can approve your application quickly. In some cases, we can get money into your bank account in as little as 24 hours.

Legal funding depends on factors like your expected settlement amount, the duration of your lawsuit, and issues related to precedent or shared fault, which is also known as comparative negligence. However, as long as you live in a state in which Tribeca is licensed to lend and have a lawsuit that matches the case types we fund, you should qualify for a lawsuit loan.

Step One: Apply for Legal Funding

Our online form is simple to use and will ask for information related to your lawsuit. Include contact information for your attorney or law firm, submit the application, and wait to hear back from us. 

If we need additional information, we’ll get in touch with your lawyer. Usually, this is the step that can cause the most delays. We may need documents related to your injuries and other damages, including medical bills and case files.

Step Two: We Review Your Lawsuit Loan Application

When you get legal funding through Tribeca, we take on all the risk. This is good news for you, but it also means we need to make sure to protect our company by doing due diligence. We will review your lawsuit cash advance application to determine the amount of funding we can safely provide.

Getting loans against an auto accident may be the right option for you if you do your homework and make sure you are working with a reputable pre-settlement funding company.

Step Three: Get Your Money in as Little as 24 Hours

Tribeca has provided many of our clients with funding in as little as a single day after their applications have been approved. The money goes directly into your bank account, and you can use it however you need. Common uses for legal funding include:

  • Medical bills
  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Daily costs like food or transportation
  • Replacing income lost due to injury

What Happens After You Get Your Legal Funding?

Legal funding can help you ease your money worries while you wait for your settlement or jury award. Lawsuits often take months or years, and having funding on hand to meet your expenses makes life simpler and easier.

Getting Additional Lawsuit Loans

Sometimes even the most straightforward-seeming lawsuits take unexpected turns. You may need to restructure your existing legal funding or apply for an additional lawsuit cash advance. Tribeca is always willing to work with you and listen to your financial needs while your lawsuit resolves.

Repaying Your Legal Funding

When your lawsuit concludes, you should be awarded compensation. Your attorney will get a check from the opposing party and will repay Tribeca out of that compensation package according to our agreement. That’s the entire process! No monthly payments or confusing financial arrangements for you to worry about.

The best part of legal funding is that Tribeca takes on all the risk. If you lose your lawsuit and wind up without compensation, you don’t have to pay back your lawsuit loan at all.

How Pre-Settlement Funding Empowers You

There are lots of financial aid options available to people in need, so why is legal funding such a sought-after arrangement? Lawsuit loans empower plaintiffs like you to meet financial obligations and needs, avoiding the pressure put on you by opposing parties who stall and prolong settlement negotiations.

Since your needs are being met by legal funding, and you don’t have to worry about repayment if you lose your case, you and your attorney can focus on getting the best possible compensation package without having to settle for less.

Understanding Lawsuit Loan Rates

One of the most frequently asked questions about lawsuit loans is “What is my interest rate going to look like?” The answer is a bit complicated, as our interest rates depend on the details of your claim and the riskiness involved in providing funding. Tribeca always provides the best possible interest rate to our clients, which is why more than 1,600 people have trusted us.

Some of the factors that can influence the interest rate on your lawsuit loan include:

  • How long your lawsuit is expected to last
  • The total amount of compensation you expect to receive
  • The strength of your case and its likelihood of success

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