Georgia Lawsuit Loans

While you are waiting for your Georgia lawsuit to settle or resolve in court, your bills likely keep piling up. Whether you need malpractice settlement loans in Georgia or other pre-settlement funding, Tribeca Lawsuit Loans can help you bridge the gap. We have helped clients just like you cover their expenses during the slow-moving legal process.

Because lawsuits in Georgia can drag on for months or even years, you can find yourself in a financial crisis. When your mind is overwhelmed with uncertainty, having enough money to pay your expenses can be a huge relief. There’s no reason to wait and worry—with Tribeca lawsuit loans in Georgia, you can wait comfortably.

A lawsuit cash advance (another term for a lawsuit loan) gives you money in the present, which you repay out of your future settlement package. Tribeca Lawsuit Loans can provide clients anywhere from $500 to $1 million in funding, depending on the facts of your case.

We serve most major cities in Georgia, from Atlanta to Savannah, so there’s a good chance we’re close by. For wrongful death lawsuit loans in Georgia, personal injury loans, and other settlement funding, Tribeca has your back.

And the best part about our Georgia lawsuit loans? Because lawsuit loans are categorized as non-recourse loans, you never have to pay one back with your own money. Learn more about non-recourse loans and how they can help you turn the tables on insurance companies by checking out our FAQs page.

How Can Georgia Lawsuit Loans Help Me Win a More Favorable Settlement?

Georgia lawsuit loans from Tribeca give you and your attorney the time you need to produce the best outcome. Time is on the insurance company’s side because they count on financial pressure to talk claimants into taking a smaller settlement. But when finances are a non-issue, that pressure is now on the insurance company.

You don’t have to play their game when you get a no-risk lawsuit loan in Georgia with competitive interest rates. We can’t help you with the waiting, but we sure can help you with the worry by providing the funds you need when you need them. Not only does a Georgia lawsuit loan provide immediate financial relief—it also provides peace of mind.

Can I Get a Lawsuit Loan in Georgia?

We make getting a lawsuit loan in Georgia faster and easier than traditional loans. For Georgia personal injury lawsuit loans and other settlement loans, you don’t have to get caught up in the typical red tape. You’ll find our qualifying criteria to be generous and fair—all we ask is that you have an attorney.

We understand the insurance settlement business, so we know your chances of success are pretty slim without a lawyer. Plus, having an attorney protects all parties involved to ensure a fair process.

Regardless of the type of litigation involved, we make qualifying for Georgia accident loans fair and reasonable. Depending on the circumstances, you could qualify for a lawsuit loan for a range of personal or psychological injuries, including:

Once you are approved for a Tribeca settlement loan in Georgia, you get the money fast and you can decide how to use it.

How Can I Use My Georgia Lawsuit Loan?

Victims of wrongdoing shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to keep their finances from dwindling. That’s why Tribeca only offers unrestricted lawsuit settlement loans that can be used for the things you need most, such as:

  • Daily necessities
  • Food
  • Lodging
  • Personal health
  • Medical bills
  • Legal fees

With Tribeca, you get the financial support you need right away without going into debt or coming up with money out-of-pocket. Our settlement loans are safe because even if the insurance company comes out on top, you still win.

Get the Settlement You Deserve With a Georgia Lawsuit Loan 

Once we’ve received your case documentation and you’re approved for a settlement loan, we can have your cash in your bank account within 48 hours. No credit check, no proof of income, and no red tape are required for our lawsuit settlement loans in Georgia. Call Tribeca Lawsuit Loans at (866) 388-2288 and level the playing field in your lawsuit settlement.

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