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Idaho Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuit plaintiffs are often hit with the double whammy: waiting for the compensation they deserve while continuing to experience lost income and soaring bills. If you are an Idaho resident waiting on your lawsuit to conclude, the good news is that you can get up to $1 million from Tribeca Lawsuit Loans to cover your current expenses.

Fill out our FREE online form on our Apply Now page to get started. If you’d like to speak with a team member first, call our office at (866) 388-2288. There is no risk to you, as you only pay us back out of your compensation package if and when you win your lawsuit.

How Idaho Lawsuit Loans Work

Lawsuit loans, also called pre-settlement funding, are essentially a cash advance on your eventual settlement or jury award. If you are approved, we can have up to $1 million in your bank account in as little as 24 hours. Use the money however you need, for items like:

  • Rent or mortgages
  • Medical bills
  • Legal fees
  • Daily costs like food, clothing, and transportation


Fill out the Form and Get Your Lawsuit Loan Now.

Once your case resolves, your attorney will send us a check for the agreed-upon percentage of your compensation package and you keep the rest. It’s like drawing from your eventual payout in order to pay for expenses in the here-and-now.

Why Lawsuit Loans Are Risk-Free

Unlike other forms of lending, lawsuit loans are considered non-recourse. This means the lender (that’s us) legally cannot pursue repayment out of your personal finances. The most we can ever take is the agreed-upon portion of your compensation package.

Plus, if you lose your lawsuit, you don’t have to pay back your lawsuit loan at all! That’s why we say Tribeca Lawsuit Loans takes on all the risk so you don’t have to.

Idaho Regulations on Lawsuit Loans

There is little regulation of lawsuit lending in Idaho. However, Tribeca provides loans across most of the U.S., abides by all applicable federal and state laws, is fully licensed in Idaho, and adheres to industry best practices. One potential law that might affect your ability to get compensation (and thus a lawsuit loan) is Idaho’s modified comparative negligence standard.

This law means:

  • You can only receive compensation if you are less than 50% responsible for the damages you are claiming.
  • Your total compensation is reduced by the same percentage as your percentage of fault.

For example, if the court decides that you are 25% responsible for an accident that caused you $100,000 in damages, the most you could recover would be $75,000 in compensation. The total is reduced by 25% in this case.

The amount we approve for lawsuit loans depends on factors like your likely compensation package, the duration of your lawsuit, and issues related to liability. So, if your compensation might be reduced because of your percentage of fault, you might only qualify for a smaller lawsuit loan.

Apply for Your Idaho Lawsuit Loan Today

You can start the lawsuit loan process by applying online for FREE. Just click the Apply Now tab above and fill out the form with information about your lawsuit. There’s no credit check or invasive dive into your personal finances.

If you have any questions about your application or the lawsuit loan process, call Tribeca Lawsuit Loans at (866) 388-2288.

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Three Steps To Your Cash Advance

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans will consider funding any type of lawsuit for financial lawsuit funding.
Ask our experts about your case and get your cash now.

Step 1: APPLY

Submit your application for funding.

Step 2: REVIEW

Our team will review your case.


Tribeca sends a contract detailing terms of funding. Cash is distributed quickly and securely.

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