Paraquat Parkinson’s Disease Lawsuit Loans

Pre-settlement funding for Paraquat lawsuits can help you in your fight for compensation for exposure to this dangerous compound. If you are suffering from Parkinson’s disease while you are involved in a personal injury claim, it could take years for you to receive your settlement. Legal funding can give you the financial breathing room you need to keep up your fight.

Many defendants, particularly well-capitalized ones, will attempt to drag out settlement negotiations in the hopes of forcing plaintiffs to settle for less. You can resist these pressure tactics with the money available to you through pre-settlement funding for Paraquat claims. a

How Can Paraquat Lawsuit Loans Help?

Legal funding, also known as a lawsuit loan or pre-settlement legal funding, is a form of financing that uses your future settlement as the sole collateral. Settlement loans present no risk to borrowers who are involved in Paraquat lawsuits, and they are an increasingly-popular alternative to financing options such as personal loans or other forms of debt.

Legal funding is attractive for many plaintiffs because the risks are shouldered entirely by the lender. Though a legal loan is technically a form of debt, it’s nonrecourse, meaning you’re under no obligation to repay it from your assets. Any repayment will come solely from your settlement, and if there is no settlement, you get to keep the money without paying anything back.

How Do You Apply For Settlement Funding for Paraquat Claims?

If you’re interested in obtaining legal funding, it’s easy to apply with Tribeca lawsuit loans. The requirements to obtain a lawsuit loan are much less stringent in many ways than other forms of debt you could take on, like a credit card or second mortgage. To obtain a settlement loan, you only need to meet the following qualifications:

  • You have filed a Paraquat lawsuit
  • You have retained a contingency-based lawyer
  • Your lawyer approves of receiving legal funding

And that’s it – you don’t need to go through a credit or employment check to obtain a lawsuit loan. That’s because due to the nonrecourse nature of the debt, none of those traditional metrics matter for obtaining the legal funding. All that matters for qualifying for legal funding is the state of your case and the likelihood that you will win.

How Much Does Legal Funding for Paraquat Cost?

The amount you’ll pay for legal funding will depend on the specific facts of your case. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to give an estimate of how much you can expect to pay ahead of time before your application is reviewed. However, there are a few things you can keep in mind when looking at pricing to know if a legal funding company is a good potential partner.

The legal funding company is largely unregulated, which gives these companies significant leeway in determining how much they’ll charge you for your lawsuit loan. However, reputable legal funding companies typically won’t charge more than a single-digit interest rate except in extreme circumstances, and never will they use compounding interest, which can eat your settlement.

What Is the State of Paraquat Lawsuits?

Right now, there are over 150 lawsuits in progress against the manufacturer of Paraquat, Syngenta AG. They are accused of knowing and covering up the potential dangers of Paraquat, an herbicide associated with cases of Parkinson’s disease. Many of these cases have dragged on for years, and the legal battle shows no sign of ending.

If you’re planning to file a lawsuit or you are already engaged in one, Paraquat pre-settlement loans may help you win your legal fight. It could be months or years until you see your settlement. Don’t let your maximum award slip away just because you can’t afford to fight for it.

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Tribeca Lawsuit Loans offers legal funding for paraquat lawsuits that are recently filed or which have already been ongoing. We offer low interest rates and no hidden fees, leaving you with the chance to take home much more of your settlement. Apply now on our website today or with one of our agents and you could be approved for up to $1 million within 24 hours.

A settlement fight, especially one in which you’ve been harmed, is never easy. With Tribeca Financial pre-settlement funding, you can pay for ongoing medical bills or daily living expenses to carry on your fight for justice. Once you receive your legal funding, it’s yours to spend however you wish, and we’re dedicated to helping you get to that point of financial security.

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