Valsartan Lawsuit Loans

In a number of lawsuits against blood pressure medication Valsartan, plaintiffs allege that the drug causes an unreasonable risk of cancer and other illnesses. Drug manufacturers often prolong these kinds of cases, leaving injured people waiting months or years for compensation.

A Valsartan lawsuit loan lets you draw money from your future settlement to pay for expenses now. It also often results in higher compensation, since your attorneys can spend as long as they need negotiating an adequate settlement without worrying about your financial status.

Who Qualifies for Valsartan Pre-Settlement Funding?

In order to be eligible for legal funding in a Valsartan claim, you first need to have a pending lawsuit against the manufacturer or distributor of the drug. You’ll need to be the plaintiff who stands to receive compensation. That’s because repayment comes from the settlement award.

You’ll also need to be located in a state in which we are licensed to provide lawsuit loans. We serve clients across the United States, including those in areas like:

  • Western U.S.
  • Eastern U.S.
  • Southern states
  • Central states

Finally, you also must be represented by an attorney or law firm. Having a lawyer on your side lowers risk on our end and also increases your chances of getting the settlement or jury award you deserve.

How Valsartan Lawsuit Loan Providers Work with Your Attorney

There are two primary steps in which we will contact and work with your lawyer when providing you with Valsartan legal funding. First, we may get in touch at the application stage to verify the information you provide and better assess both your need and the strength of your case.

Then, after your Valsartan lawsuit has resolved and you are awarded compensation, we work with your attorney for repayment. They will get a check for the settlement amount and, out of that compensation package, will write us a check for the agreed repayment amount.

By working this way, Valsartan lawsuit financing provides several advantages for you.

  1. No monthly payment plans to worry about
  2. No repayment at all if you lose your case
  3. No hassle

Valsartan Pre-Settlement Funding Made Simple

Our process is easy and straightforward, requiring little effort on your part. When you are ready to get the funding you need for your Valsartan case, you simply fill out our free application form.

Our underwriters will delve into the details of your application, contact your attorney for additional information, and decide how much funding we can provide you with. Once you are approved and have signed the agreement, you can have up to $1 million in your bank account in as little as 24 hours!

Get Legal Funding for Your Valsartan Lawsuit Now

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