Surgical Staplers Lawsuit Loans

According to DrugWatch, manufacturers recalled roughly 3.4 million components of surgical staplers and staples through 2019 due to malfunctions and injuries. If you have experienced complications due to faulty medical equipment, a surgical stapler lawsuit loan can help.

While those who were injured can seek compensation, lawsuits against pharmaceutical manufacturers can take ages to complete. Pre-settlement funding is a form of lawsuit lending that provides you with safe, risk-free cash now while you wait for your claim to resolve.

Why Surgical Staplers Lawsuits Are Perfect for Lawsuit Loans

Not every case of litigation needs legal funding. Disputes between you and a neighbor, for instance, might be easily and quickly settled. However, pharmaceutical companies like the manufacturers of surgical staplers have the resources to prolong matters and apply financial pressure to you and your family.

Surgical staplers lawsuit financing is designed to thwart this stall tactic. When you have money in your bank account from pre-settlement funding, you can use it however you and your family need. Common expenses include:

  • Paying rent or mortgages
  • Resolving medical debt
  • Covering your daily costs (like food and clothing)
  • Legal fees and expenses

In turn, your attorney can take as long as they need to reach a proper settlement agreement with the opposing side. That way, you get what you deserve instead of settling for less just because you need money faster.

How Legal Funding Keeps You Safe From Risk

After a serious injury like faulty surgical stapler malfunctions, and after rising legal fees, you are likely leery of the terms that may come with financial assistance. The good news is that we provide non-recourse loans. This has several key benefits for you and your family:

  • NO repayment whatsoever if you lose your lawsuit
  • NO getting locked into monthly repayment plans
  • NO credit check required
  • NO seizing any collateral other than the agreed-upon portion of your compensation

With surgical staplers litigation loans, you won’t be left in a financially worse place than when you started. If you don’t get compensation, you don’t have to pay us back!

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