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At Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, we offer immediate pre-settlement funding in the state of Washington at competitive interest rates to meet the needs of those currently in personal injury lawsuits.

Do you need to secure funds from your lawsuit? Depending on your injury lawsuit case’s value, we can expedite cash advances ranging from $500 to $2,000,000. We come highly recommended by our past clients and have a widespread presence throughout Washington. We can grant you a cash advance in just 24 hours! Submit your application today!

Our firm’s lawsuit loans, also known as case loans or lawsuit funding, can cover any costs incurred during the plaintiff’s lawsuit (your lawsuit) and before you receive your rightful compensation from a victorious trial verdict or settlement against the defendant. Many clients allocate the funds we disburse towards medical bills, rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, or even routine expenses such as food or transport.

Apply for funding today! Reach out to our approachable and knowledgeable team at (866) 388-2288 or use this quick online form to address any questions or concerns you might have regarding the pre-settlement funding process. No credit check or income proof is required for our lawsuit settlement loans because you’re not obligated to repay Tribeca Lawsuit Loans if your case is unsuccessful.

Washington Presettlement Lawsuit Loans

Three Steps To Your Cash Advance

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Click apply for a lawsuit loan in WashingtonSubmit your application to us for funding. Our lawsuit loan application includes the following process:

  • No credit check
  • No income verification
  • No asset evaluation
  • No hidden fees
  • No money up-front

Step 2: REVIEW

Tribeca Lawsuit Loan is reviewing the applicationOur fast and proficient team will review your case. We support many different types of cases including personal injury, car accident, premises negligence, workers’ comp, class action and more.


Tribeca Lawsuit Loans will fund if your application is approvedTribeca Lawsuit Loans sends a contract detailing terms of funding. Cash is distributed quickly and securely.

What is a Washington Lawsuit Loan?

Lawsuit loans are designed to support plaintiffs during the lengthy process of legal battles by offering them cash advances on their future settlements.

This financial instrument, also known as a pre-settlement loan, leverages the future settlement of a lawsuit as collateral, making it a unique form of loan. This means that repayment is contingent solely on winning your case. If the lawsuit does not result in a successful outcome, the borrower owes nothing.

The primary aim is to alleviate immediate financial pressures, allowing plaintiffs to cover expenses like medical bills, lost wages, and living costs while their legal representation aims for a more substantial settlement.

The application process is streamlined, emphasizing quick access to funds which can significantly impact the plaintiff’s ability to sustain the litigation process and potentially secure a larger compensation package. Ultimately, lawsuit loans serve as a strategic financial tool for those embroiled in prolonged legal disputes, offering a lifeline by advancing part of their anticipated settlement.

Washington Lawsuit Funding Laws and Regulations

Key Legal Information for Washington Lawsuit Loans

Average Funding per Case: With Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, lawsuit funding can range from $500 to $2,000,000, with an average amount varying dependent on the case value.

Fault Laws: Washington applies Pure Comparative Fault (R.C.W.A. §§ 4.22.005-015), where plaintiffs’ recoverable damages are reduced by their share of fault.

Statute of Limitations: A 3-year limit for filing lawsuits is stipulated under Title 4, Ch. 16, Sec. 4.16.080.

Minimum Insurance Limits: Bodily injury liability per person is set at $25,000, per accident at $50,000, and property damage liability per accident at $10,000 (Liability: 25/50/10).

Workers Compensation: Washington workers are eligible for compensation for job-related injuries or illnesses. All employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance.

Exclusions and Regulations

In Washington, if a plaintiff has previously applied for a loan related to the same case with another company, they’re ineligible to receive an advance from Tribeca Lawsuit Loans. Workers’ compensation, covering medical expenses, lost wages, and disability caused by work-related injuries or illnesses, is required for all employers.

How Much Money Can I Get With Washington Lawsuit Loans?

The amount of money you receive from a lawsuit settlement loan depends on several factors. These are some of the items we consider when deciding on the amount we can provide:

  • Your total damages
  • Your expected settlement amount
  • Previous jury awards for similar cases
  • The duration of your lawsuit (estimated)

While your specific circumstances will determine how much money you can get with Washington lawsuit loans, Tribeca can fund settlement loans up to $1,000,000 (even higher in select circumstances). We assure you that if your lawsuit qualifies, you will receive the money and the peace of mind you deserve.

During a lawsuit, Insurance companies and other defendants count on financial pressure to bully plaintiffs, dragging them out as long as they can. This takes advantage of your vulnerability, so you’ll take a quicker, and often smaller, settlement. When you have Tribeca on your side, the time it takes for your lawsuit to settle becomes less of an issue. We can help relieve your financial distress, giving you and your attorney the leverage of time to improve your ability to fight for justice.

Can I Get a Lawsuit Loan in Washington?

You don’t have to play those lawsuit settlement games when you get a no-risk lawsuit loan in Washington with simple interest rates. Getting a lawsuit loan in Washington is faster and safer than traditional loans, which often feature higher interest rates, good credit requirements, and risky terms. Washington personal injury lawsuit loans and other settlement funding from Tribeca skips the red tape to make your loan process fast.

As long as your lawsuit qualifies and you have an attorney, you’re good to go. Plus, your lawyer will make sure everyone involved is protected and the process is a fair one. Regardless of the lawsuit specifics, we make qualifying for Washington accident loans fair and simple for all kinds of lawsuit cases.

Depending on the circumstances, you may qualify for a lawsuit settlement loan for a range of injuries including:

How Can I Use My Washington Lawsuit Loan?

After an injury is no time to be jumping through hoops to keep your head above water. When you are approved for settlement loans in Washington, you get your money quickly and you decide how to spend it.

Tribeca provides non-recourse, unrestricted lawsuit settlement loans in Washington so victims can take care of existing and new expenses, such as:

  • Food and other daily necessities
  • Rent, mortgage, and utility bills
  • Personal health and hygiene
  • Medical and pharmacy bills
  • Attorney costs

Get the financial boost you need right away without taking on debt or paying money out-of-pocket. Tribeca settlement loans are one of the safest ways to borrow against your lawsuit settlement because you can’t lose — even if your opponent wins!

Understanding Interest in Washington Lawsuit Loans

In Washington, lawsuit loans come with interest, but Tribeca Lawsuit Loans offers some of the lowest rates in the industry, starting at 3% per month. Unlike other lenders that might employ compound interest, Tribeca ensures a straightforward financial arrangement for borrowers.

This type of loan, designed as a non-recourse advance, requires repayment only if the plaintiff secures a victory or settles the case, thereby significantly reducing financial risk.

The interest rates on these loans are influenced by the case’s strength, the type of lawsuit, the expected settlement amount, and the duration of the case. Tribeca’s capped deals and simple interest rates make it a preferred choice for plaintiffs seeking financial stability during lengthy litigation processes, ensuring they retain a larger portion of their settlement.

Are Lawsuit Loans Safe in Washington?

In Washington, lawsuit loans are considered safe, particularly when secured through a reputable lender such as Tribeca Lawsuit Loans.

These financial aids are non-recourse loans, meaning the borrower is not personally liable for repayment; it’s solely based on the lawsuit’s outcome. The loan is repaid from the lawsuit’s future compensation, ensuring the borrower’s personal income and assets remain untouched.

Working with Tribeca offers the added security of transparent terms, capped interest rates, and ethical lending practices. This ensures that Washington residents seeking lawsuit loans can do so without the risk of unexpected burdens, making it a secure option to maintain financial stability during legal challenges.

Get the Settlement You Deserve With a Washington Lawsuit Loan

Apply for a Washington lawsuit loan today by filling out the form on our Apply Now page. You can also call (866) 388-2288 and talk with one of our settlement funding specialists for a more personalized experience.

Apply, get approved, and receive money in your account in as little as 24 hours with no credit check, proof of income, or red tape required. Team up with Tribeca and turn the tables in your favor with our lawsuit settlement loans in Washington.

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What is the civil lawsuit process typically like?

In Washington, the civil lawsuit process begins with the plaintiff filing a complaint in court, outlining the harm they have suffered and the legal basis for holding the defendant responsible. After filing, the plaintiff serves the complaint to the defendant.

The defendant then has a specific timeframe, typically 20 days, to respond. If they fail to do so, the plaintiff may request a default judgment. If a response is given, both parties proceed with “discovery,” exchanging evidence and information relevant to the case.

Once discovery is complete, the case may go to trial if not settled beforehand. The trial involves presentation of evidence, witness testimonies, and arguments from both sides. A judge or jury then makes a decision based on the evidence presented.

If the decision is unfavorable, a party may appeal. If a settlement is awarded, the plaintiff needs to collect the judgment. The entire process can range from a few months to a few years, depending on the case complexity and court schedule.

How do I know if I qualify for lawsuit funding in Washington?

Personal injuries sustained due to another party make you automatically eligible for lawsuit funding. Generally speaking, if the accident happened within Washington state lines, you will qualify for a free and quick application.

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