Mirena IUD Lawsuit Loans

Drugwatch lists thousands of lawsuits against Mirena IUD manufacturer Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Though the company has agreed to settlements with some claimants of up to $12 million, the reality is that getting your money can take months or even years. Meanwhile, you are faced with living expenses, bills, lost income due to injury, and more.

Lawsuit funding is a way to get the money you need today at no risk to your personal finances. Fill out Tribeca’s free online application form to see how much we can provide you.

Mirena Legal Funding Can Level the Playing Field Against Bayer

Corporations and pharmaceutical companies like Bayer have lots of resources to fight against doing what’s right. If you are injured due to Mirena IUDs, these companies can prolong proceedings, fight against a just settlement, and even push the lawsuit all the way to court. Meanwhile, you might be stressed out by:

  • Legal fees
  • Medical bills
  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Lost income

By getting a Mirena IUD lawsuit loan, you can level the playing field. Bayer is less able to pressure you into inadequate settlements if you have the funds you need in the present moment. This also gives your attorney time to pursue a just resolution to your case.

Do You Qualify for Mirena Lawsuit Funding?

As long as you are the plaintiff in a Mirena IUD lawsuit, you likely qualify for funding from Tribeca. In fact, we have a high acceptance rate of 94% of all applicants for lawsuit loans. We provide legal funding to clients in most states across the nation.

Determining Your Mirena IUD Lawsuit Loan Amount

Not all injuries have the same impact, so not everyone needs the same amount of legal funding. You might have minor bills you want to cover, or you might need significant help while you recover from the pain you’ve endured.

To determine how much we can offer you, our underwriting team looks at factors like:

  • How long your lawsuit is expected to last
  • The total amount of damages you are claiming
  • Any legal issues of fault or negligence that could affect your settlement offer
  • Your estimated future compensation package

Why Get a Lawsuit Loan for Your Mirena IUD Case?

There are several forms of lending you can pursue if you need cash now, so why should you turn to legal funding? Simply put, it’s because lawsuit loans are risk-free for you. Unlike other forms of lending, our lawsuit financing exclusively offers non-recourse loans. That means you are not personally liable for the debt.

We keep you safe from risk in these ways:

  • Your personal finances are not a source of repayment
  • The only collateral for a lawsuit loan is a portion of your compensation package
  • There is no credit check or deep dive into your financial history
  • You don’t have to pay us back at all if you wind up losing your lawsuit

Apply for a Mirena IUD Lawsuit Loan Today

If you’re ready to get on track for the money you need to help you fight your Mirena IUD lawsuit, head over to Tribeca’s homepage and click Apply Now. The process is free, with no hidden fees, and it’s simple and straightforward to use. Depending on the facts of your case, you may qualify for up to $1 million in legal funding.

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