Case Cash Funding Reviews | Is It Legit?

Case Cash Funding is a lending company based in New York that specializes in lawsuit loans. They take on most legal cases, provided that the plaintiff also has legal representation. Additionally, Case Cash can sometimes connect potential clients with law firms if they do not have a lawyer.

Despite its 20 years of service, Case Cash Funding suffers from a lack of web presence and minimal information about the specifics of the funding they provide. Use our review to better understand Case Cash and make an informed decision about your lawsuit loan provider.

The Positive Side of Case Cash Funding

Before we list some of the items that give us pause, we want to acknowledge the good aspects of Case Cash and its work. For starters, like us, the company’s lawsuit loans do not have to be paid back if you lose your case. If you win, you simply repay the legal funding as a portion of your compensation package.

Also, the company has mostly positive reviews online (though it should be noted that there are not that many total reviews, with only 28 Google reviews available). Common responses noted in customer reviews include:

  • Good customer service
  • Friendly staff
  • Caring atmosphere

Some Less Positive Aspects of Case Cash Funding

On the other hand, there are some complaints that both we and former customers have about the company. Some customers have complained that funding through Case Cash often takes a longer than average time. In some cases, it has taken the company a week or longer to get money to the customer.

In determining its legitimacy, we also worry about a lack of online information regarding the true nature of these lawsuit loans through Case Cash Funding.

  • Is the funding exclusively non-recourse?
  • What types of cases does the company take on?
  • How much funding can be provided?

Finally, we’d prefer the company have clearer industry watchdog affiliations. For example, membership in organizations like the American Legal Finance Association (ALFA) or the Alliance for Responsible Consumer Funding (ARC) can go a long way toward building trust that the company offers ethical loans according to industry best practices.

What We Like to See in Any Lawsuit Loan Company

For a lender to be considered a top lawsuit loan company, there are several key concepts we look for. You should always seek out a lender who, like us, provides non-recourse funding and doesn’t hold you personally liable for the debt. This protects your bank account and personal finances regardless of the outcome of your case.

In addition to membership in watchdog and industry ethical standard-setting organizations, you should also look for a wide variety of case types that are accepted, companies that work directly with your attorney, and clear limits on how much you can receive in funding. This way, the entire process is above-board and you don’t wind up owing huge amounts of money.

In general, Case Cash Funding fits some of these requirements. However, the company either doesn’t advertise other crucial criteria (like its funding limits) or does not meet those criteria (such as membership in industry associations).

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